Senior Front-End Engineer

We are seeking a focused Senior Front-End Engineer. We're passionate about building great products and are inspired to unlock the power of language through technology. We're creating a high-performance, collaborative culture here in Oakland, California. We're searching for a driven individual who shares this mentality to join our team.

In our office, we promote:

  • Autonomy to innovate, identify new opportunities and take on responsibilities
  • Diversity of experience, background, interest and talent at every position
  • Development through mentorship and a specialized education allowance
  • Ownership of products, processes and the methods of production
  • Truth through honesty, transparency and relentless optimism

  • Implement bold new designs for what our dictionary and thesaurus can become
  • Collaborate cross-functionally with Product, Design, Analytics and Data Science
  • Come up with ways we can improve user delight, page speed and SEO
  • Have a seat at the table in critical decisions about software direction
  • Deliver quality products every week, every sprint, every quarter

  • Deep experience with JavaScript, React + Redux, HTML, CSS, Git, npm and *nix
  • Experience with complex visual designs as responsive, cross-browser layouts
  • Prioritization of performant, reusable, scalable, high-quality code
  • Fundamental appreciation for unit, behavioral and automated testing
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills for all audiences
  • Experience working as part of an Agile team where velocity matters
  • Experience as a measured, supportive, committed code reviewer
  • Experience with continuous integration workflows

What'll Make You Special
  • Experience with emotion-js, webpack, mocha + chai, cucumber and storybook
  • Experience with Lighthouse, Page Speed Insights and CrUX data (FID, DCL, FCP)
  • Experience with AWS, Docker, NodeJS, MongoDB, CDNs (Fastly) and GitLab
  • Experience with Programmatic Header Bidding (Pubmatic, DFP/GAM, A9)
  • Experience with large-scale, highly available digital products
  • Passion for self-education and a love of learning words

Who We Are is committed to eliminating anxiety with the English language through simple, expertly crafted definitions, the perfect synonyms, and rich narratives about the intersection of words and culture. We are the leading digital source for everything related to words and their meanings, with 70 million monthly users and 100 million app installs. We believe words are core to the human experience, and as such, we've made it our mission to deliver the best dictionary and thesaurus imaginable to the largest audience possible.

The team exudes energy and a passion for words and language and is driven to invest in the people and products that will propel forward another 20+ years.

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