Security Operations Analyst (Part Time - 3rd Shift)

Job Summary
The Security Operations Analyst researches records and gathers information that has the potential to threaten Rock Ventures personnel, physical assets, image or reputation or that of other stakeholders in order to drive safety within the city of Cleveland and the companies within the Rock Family of Companies.

Preferred Requirements

  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Outlook
  • Demonstrated skill in the use of computers and software (email, databases, spreadsheets and Web-based applications)
  • Strong writing skills and the ability to project a professional and consistent demeanor
  • Demonstrated organizational, problem-solving and critical thinking skills
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality with regard to company information
  • Ability to recognize and report suspicious behavior and activity in owned or occupied properties or in close proximity to them
  • Ability to manage information and technical security programs and understand the relationship of security and its effects on business operations
  • Ability to be a positive and effective team member while managing multiple projects simultaneously
  • Ability to work the 11:00 p.m. - 7:00 a.m. shift in a 24/7 command center

  • Communicate gathered video intelligence to leaders within the organization and to specifically identified stakeholders and assist other analysts with ongoing investigations and incidents pertaining to the Rock Family of Companies and areas surrounding them
  • Work on special projects as given by the team captains or the team leader
  • Gather information from multiple open source intelligence locations, such as the internet, the media (social and traditional), cable television, government agencies and purchased services
  • Operate the Security Operations Command Center and assist in providing threat assessment and risk analysis for Rock Ventures and its asset portfolio
  • Document and route management-related calls and/or provide general assistance using prescribed protocols
  • Research and gather records on situations that have the potential to threaten Rock Ventures personnel, physical assets, image or reputation or that of other stakeholders
  • Perform record input utilizing Microsoft Office products
  • Perform Web-based research using browsers such as Microsoft Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari

Who We Are
Rock Security offers 24/7 safety and security services and training to Rock Family of Companies team members, tenants and visitors. We're proud to be part of collaborative public-private partnerships working toward the common goals of enhancing the safety of everyone who lives, works and visits Detroit, Cleveland and our other home cities.

This is an outline of the primary responsibilities of this position. As with everything in life, things change. The tasks and responsibilities can be changed, added to, removed, amended, deleted and modified at any time by the leadership group.

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