Senior Software Engineer, Realtime Analytics

Analytics at Quantcast are driven by sorting, slicing and reorganizing petabytes of data daily to gain insights into audiences across the web and mobile apps.  The Interactive Query team is developing real time analytics expertise to complement our batch processing platforms -- one of the largest in the world -- as we drive value for the business.

The team’s long-term vision is to develop a data store and query platform built on the fundamental atoms of data Quantcast uses to train models, build demographic profiles, and target advertising in real time. This platform will provide faster and richer analytics for our advertising and publisher clients while helping us efficiently scale our product offerings.

In this position, you will design and implement interactive query systems that ingest large amounts of data in near real time and enable queries at web speed. You will be a critical member of our impactful team.


  • Work with open source realtime data processing technologies and NoSQL stores
  • Propose solutions for and build critical components
  • Build sophisticated RESTFul services
  • Implement ETL jobs using our map/reduce infrastructure
  • Build real-time data flow and aggregation pipelines
  • Contribute to the technical roadmap for the team
  • Solve challenging scalability, performance and operational problems
  • Mentor junior engineers and assist in recruiting efforts


  • BS in computer science or equivalent experience
  • Experience with one or more distributed NoSQL stores such as Cassandra or HBase
  • Excellent development skills in Java, Scala or C++
  • Experience using and building distributed system
  • Strong knowledge of algorithms
  • Operationally and customer focused
  • Passionate about engineering excellence, good practices and continuous improvement thereof

Quantcast helps create a more personalized digital world. We have built one of the world’s most sophisticated data-intelligence platforms, utilizing big data and machine learning to solve the biggest challenges in marketing and create more rewarding experiences across the digital landscape. Publishers use our insights to better understand audiences and how content resonates with consumers they want to attract and retain. Marketers utilize our understanding of online behavior and our predictive advertising capabilities to reach the customers likeliest to engage with their messages. Consumers see the results of our work in relevant stories and advertisements that create a personalized experience across all of their devices.

Quantcast was honored as a Glassdoor Best Place to Work in 2015 & 2016. To learn more, follow Quantcast on Glassdoor.

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