Senior Software Engineer, Edge Services

Quantcast seeks distributed systems enthusiasts, networking diehards, and performance aficionados to join our Edge Services Development team! 

This tight-knit group of software cavaliers is tasked with conquering the vast Internet badlands as they develop Quantcast's high-performance network edge--a world-class, globally-distributed data infrastructure that handles peak loads of 2 million requests per second -- each served in milliseconds.  

Members of the Edge Services team are seriously passionate about building high-throughput, low-latency systems. Whether it's for a code one-liner or an entirely new design, these developers tirelessly tweak, optimize, re-architect, and refactor until the last drop of performance has been juiced from the system. For that, that is their insatiable pleasure! 

A candidate for this position will be intensely curious about what's going on 'under the hood.' Someone who has developed their own distributed protocol, reverse upside-down proxy, or web server. This person will possess sound network protocol, algorithms, and systems fundamentals, and, most of all, will be eager to apply this knowledge in a real-world setting on a live, massive-scale system. 

While many companies have globally distributed infrastructures with high traffic demands, Quantcast may be the only one of these in which you will be expected to have your hands on the system, pushing mission-critical production code within a matter of days.


  • Design, develop, and optimize a highly complex and globally distributed system to be scalable and to handle millions of real-time transactions per second
  • Develop distributed storage systems scalable to hundreds of servers and with single digit millisecond latency
  • Rapidly troubleshoot the system and fix bugs where needed
  • Innovate with new designs and optimizations to enhance the performance of existing infrastructure


  • Passionate
  • BS or MS in Computer Science or related field & 5+ years of related work experience
  • Excellent development skills and experience in C/C++ or Java
  • In depth understanding of networking protocols
  • Experience and passion for designing large-scale distributed systems

Quantcast helps create a more personalized digital world. We have built one of the world’s most sophisticated data-intelligence platforms, utilizing big data and machine learning to solve the biggest challenges in marketing and create more rewarding experiences across the digital landscape. Publishers use our insights to better understand audiences and how content resonates with consumers they want to attract and retain. Marketers utilize our understanding of online behavior and our predictive advertising capabilities to reach the customers likeliest to engage with their messages. Consumers see the results of our work in relevant stories and advertisements that create a personalized experience across all of their devices. 

Quantcast was honored as a Glassdoor Best Place to Work in 2015 & 2016. To learn more, follow Quantcast on Glassdoor.

Quantcast is a fast-growing, late-stage, pre-IPO startup headquartered in San Francisco with offices around the world. We are committed to creating an inclusive and diverse environment where everyone can confidently be their authentic self.

Meet Some of Quantcast's Employees

Lindsey M.

Research Analyst

Lindsey looks at performance targeting pipelines for Quantcast to pinpoint inefficiencies. Then, she shares processed insights on customer targeting to make it better down the road.

Rodney C.

Senior Account Manager

Rodney manages a book of accounts in Northern California in order to assist clients. He helps integrate new products and strategies in order to build business.

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