Senior Software Engineer, Campaign Management Services

Quantcast is programmatic advertising that works, because it's powered by our massive data set and strong predictive models. You're a driven, pragmatic, goal-oriented innovator, who is going to push the boundaries of advertising technology.

You are a senior software engineer who is excited to open our real-time advertising infrastructure to our customers. These systems drive our entire advertising business and you'd love to make a significant impact on our bottom line.

You’ll develop these projects on an eclectic mix of Python, Go, Java, Scala, and JavaScript, all on top of Amazon Web Services. But you might suggest some new ideas?

You will:

  • Design and implement APIs that expose our technology to internal and external customers.
  • Split our monolithic systems into sensible, modular services.
  • Build good habits and champion quality engineering to drive operational excellence.

You have:

  • Led small teams to deliver high-impact projects, quickly and reliably.
  • Used and designed real-world APIs, that handled high-load and low-latencies.
  • Mentored junior developers to grow their careers and deliver extraordinary results.
  • Designed empathetic user interfaces and experiences, both for developers and for end-users.

Bonus traits:

  • Strong experience (and strong opinions about) crafting production services.
  • Polite but assertive personality, thanks. You criticize work, but never people. :)
  • Open-source contributions and/or projects. GitHub, please?
  • Experience deprecating and replacing legacy systems, without breaking everything.
  • Full-stack skills: from DevOps to databases to networks to machine learning to CSS.
  • Solid computer science background, balanced by pragmatic and practical experience.

Quantcast is a fast-growing, late-stage, pre-IPO startup headquartered in San Francisco with offices around the world. We are committed to creating an inclusive and diverse environment where everyone can confidently be their authentic self.

Meet Some of Quantcast's Employees

Lindsey M.

Research Analyst

Lindsey looks at performance targeting pipelines for Quantcast to pinpoint inefficiencies. Then, she shares processed insights on customer targeting to make it better down the road.

Rodney C.

Senior Account Manager

Rodney manages a book of accounts in Northern California in order to assist clients. He helps integrate new products and strategies in order to build business.

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