Data Engineer, Data Warehouse

The Data Platform team owns the data backbone of Quantcast’s advertising business. This means that we build systems that ingest, refine, and make available, tens to hundreds of terabytes of data on a daily basis, and serve up petabyte-scale datasets for use in Quantcast’s industry-leading audience targeting and automation systems.

As the real-time pulse of the Internet, Quantcast uses machine learning to drive human learning. We’ve built one of the largest computing infrastructures on the planet, collecting a constant stream of data from over 100 billion events a day, across 100+ million directly-measured destinations. In addition to this global network, Quantcast has engineered premier map-reduce and real-time processing clusters at a massive scale, processing an average of 30+ PB of data every single day for various machine learning and data mining applications.

We’re looking for qualified engineers to drive our efforts in data warehousing, data modeling, data analytics and data processing (ETL/ELT), to provide the company with a clean, consistent and comprehensive view of our business. Quantcast is a fundamentally data-driven company, and we view improved data insight as a critical component of the scaling and direction of the company as a whole.


  • Work with business and engineering stakeholders to understand their needs, and translate these into data processing and data modeling requirements.
  • Design and implement performance and scalable data storage models to facilitate analytics needs of engineers and business customers
  • Design and implement data ETL (extract, transform, load) processes to support and extend the company’s Data Warehouse
  • Participate in DevOps, utilizing your technical and logical reasoning skills to troubleshoot and solve high-stakes technical and operational problems for our internal customers.
  • Leverage your advanced analytics skills to help business customers answer questions based on Quantcast’s vast and rich data set on internet activity.


  • Advanced (Master/PhD) degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or related highly quantitative field (such as Math or Statistics)
  • Minimum of 1 year of experience
  • Experience with SQL, and with doing analytics on structured data in databases.
  • Experience with performance optimization for relational databases - including query optimization, database indexes.
  • Experience working with data migration, data cleaning/curation, or ETL (extraction, transformation and loading)
  • Experience working with dimensional data modeling and relational data storage

Quantcast owns and operates the world’s largest audience insights and measurement platform on the open internet. Fueled by live data drawn from more than 100 million web and mobile destinations, Quantcast applies machine learning technology to help marketers, publishers, and agencies grow their brands by better understanding and predicting consumer interactions in real-time. 

Founded in 2006, Quantcast is headquartered in San Francisco and has employees in over 20 offices across 10 countries. We are committed to building an inclusive and diverse environment where everyone can be their authentic self.

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