Yard Switcher 2nd Shift

    • McDonough, GA

Primary Responsibilities/Accountabilities of the Job:

1. Assists with directing incoming drivers to the correct parking slot for their trailer drop.
2. Moves loaded trailers to designated dock doors for loading.
3. Moves empty trailers to designated dock doors for loading.
4. Ensures all dock trailers have wheels chocked.
5. Monitors switcher-truck for maintenance and upkeep.
6. Responsible for safe and efficient moving of trailers so as to not damage any property.
7. Receives, records and distributes incoming and outgoing UPS, RPS and Federal Express packages.
8. The ability to work in a constant state of alertness
Internal & External Contacts:

Internal : Mgmt. Supervision, Shipping/Receiving office staff

External : Truck drivers, truck maintenance personnel, RPS, UPS, Federal Express

Supervisory Responsibilities:

Direct : N/A

Indirect : N/A

Budgetary Responsibilities:

1. Maintenance and upkeep of switcher truck.
2. Monitoring yard area for unauthorized removal of product.

Decision Making: Location of trailers / trucks

Resourcefulness/Creativity: N/A

Environment: Must be able to handle cold (below freezing) and hot (90 - 100 degree) and be able to work in inclement weather. Ability to climb is essential. Ability to manually hook and unhook trucks is required (if necessary).

Qualifications & Experience:

Experience: Previous truck driving experience is a major plus.
Education: HS diploma
Skills: Valid GA CDL, good vision and depth perception.

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