Sr. Collector PVH Corp.

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Sr. Collector PVH Corp.


Timely collection of Accounts Receivable portfolio. Oversees the Customer A/R to ensure accounts are in compliance, in regards to pre-established credit conditions. All of the above is accomplished with minimal supervision.


  • The primary responsibility is the collection of a specific account portfolio which generates and guarantees cash flow for the Corporation in a timely manner.
  • The account base consists of low, medium and high credit risk type accounts.
  • In addition, the account base consists primarily of smaller volume accounts with the possibility of larger volume accounts that require specific handling and/or maintenance.
  • Issues from this customer base must be identified, defined, resolved and collected within the preset specified terms.
  • The daily review of corporate orders in a timely manner occurs. This guarantees the flow of merchandise, leading to optimal results for both the customer and our divisions.
  • The order flow, if interrupted is communicated immediately to the customer. At that time, the resolution to the issue evolves to enable the order(s) to be shipped.
  • Accounts receivable maintenance must be performed in a timely fashion on an ongoing basis.
  • Timely communication of significant issues to management is critical. At the end of each month detailed reporting is generated. This accounts for all variances in their A/R; they are expected to have detailed explanations at the line level.



Collection of Accounts Receivable assists in providing the Corporate Cash Flow. They are also responsible for monitoring their account base to insure against bad debt or adjustment write offs. These two factors although not spelled in our department budget, contribute greatly to the bottom line of the corporation.


Decisions are a critical part of this job function. Bad decisions ultimately lead to loss of revenues. These are the most crucial decisions that are consistently made on a daily basis. The determination to release an order or not is critical. There are many factors that enter into this each one stands alone, but contributes equally to the overall process. A few of them would be account status, credit line guidelines, past due status, terms of sale. They must also possess the decision making savvy to know when and what, issues must be raised for management review.


The Senior Collector must possess an ability to communicate clearly, concisely and completely. Each individual must devise an organized system so that all priorities are handled in an efficient manner. Follow up schedules in a timely fashion are all important. The individual must possess the ability to navigate throughout our complex corporate structure. The ability to negotiate within departments to achieve results leads to more productivity for all. They must be able to utilize the tools given to produce optimum results. He/she must be able to multitask on an ongoing basis throughout their day. Must be able to be a problem solver and act as the ambassador with the customer as this might be the only personal contact the customer has with PVH.


Multi warehouse facilities along with multi divisions, each carrying multiple labels leads to an absolute need for team work, flexibility and communication. Our multi system environment generates numerous reports for analysis to assist us in managing work flow. Must be able to work independently but reside in close proximity to coworkers for team efforts.



Experience: Minimum of one year credit experience. Should possess previous year’s business experience leading up to this position. This position is for the more experienced collector who can handle the more challenging aspects of the job.

Education: Minimum requirement of a High School Diploma along with relevant experience in credit and collections.

Skills: Communication, Planning, Organizing, Teamwork, Innovation.

It is the policy of PVH Corp. to ensure equal employment opportunities to all qualified persons without regard to race, gender, religion, age, national origin, citizenship status, disability, qualified veteran status, marital status, or sexual orientation.

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