Sales Associate - Calvin Klein - Unlimited contract - 24h

About the Company
Calvin Klein Inc. is one of the world's leading design and fashion marketing studios. The small business quickly grew and added sportswear and a complete ready-to-wear collection. Later, the brand continued to revolutionize the way the world saw, and bought, denim clothing and underwear through its avant-garde designs and advertising. Today, the company continues to be driven by the timeless and modern sophistication of Klein's original creative philosophy, and has more than 25 product lines under different Calvin Klein brands, such as hosiery, apparel, accessories, shoes, nightwear, socks, swimwear, belts, glasses, watches, jewelery, coats, suits, and perfumes, as well as home products.
Position Description
We are looking for our Calvin Klein Underwear store, located in Gent, a sales associate. Your mission will be: - Greet customers with dynamism - Inform customers and provide an answer to each question - Sales consulting - Ask the need discovery questions - Keep the sales area clean and tidy This is a job open on a permanent 24H contract.
Position Requirements
Dynamic, with a sense of teamwork and with a strong product sensitivity, you have good knowledge of the world of high-end and fashion. You have relational qualities that will allow you to establish a special relationship with customers and the team of the shop. You have significant experience in sales, especially in the sale of underwear, and a control of the fund. Excellent presentation and good level of English desired. Do not hesitate, join us!

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