Product Developer Footwear - Performance

Department Information
The role of the Product Developer Footwear - Performance is to manage the Product Development process within the Tommy footwear product line specialized on performance sneakers for the Tommy Hilfiger business on a daily base from creative concept into pre-production stage with Design and Product Development located in Amsterdam, Italy and Asia, with a direct report to the Senior Manager Development & Production Footwear. S/he manages and drives the development and pre-production process with all relevant parties involved (Design, Merchandising, Sales, Product Development/Commercialization team in Asia), in order to achieve qualitative, sustainable, commercial product execution align with corporate goals, the calendar (critical path) and financial key performance. With an extensive knowledge of the entire product development process, as well as technical construction and execution on the product, costing and vendor relations, the Product Developer Footwear - Performance is the key supporting figure and link throughout the entire development process and PLM system from SRF (Sample Request Form) into SMS (Salesmen Samples) with everyone involved.

Position Description

  • SRF (Sample Request Form) review, analysis, hand over and follow up with the Product Development team in Asia
  • Advise Design on a technical product level, in order to meet commercial and financial needs
  • Advise and support Design with material/hardware sourcing and developments
  • Partner with Design and Merchandise on all sample comments and revisions throughout the development process and the follow up
  • be the link between all parties involved, keep track of the Calendar and manage product and target expectations (own the collection)
  • Manage the development process into pre-production along the calendar to achieve commercial execution (market needs) as well as financial goals (target FOB's) through collaboration with Design, Product Development, Merchandising, Costing and Quality Assurance
  • come up with accurate product specifications and ensure they are maintained and communicated to all parties involved at all times
  • to maintain accurate and up to date systems (PLM, LL database) on all relevant aspects that result in an efficient flow of information between PD Amsterdam and Buying office in Asia
  • Manage proto, sample, SMS and production status, to ensure Tommy Hilfiger standards as well as on time deliveries are met
  • Think sustainable in all aspects (process, material, product)
  • Communication between internal/external partners to resolve Product Development issues
  • Maintain the PLM system on style level as well as the material library

Position Requirements
Job Goals:
  • control margin developments and strategically steer the product developments as well as pre-production to meet both customers and corporate needs
  • develop, produce and deliver product on time within the development process, up until SMS stage
  • to be the informative link and align and support the development and production process with all involved parties (proactively owning the collection from a pd point of view) and staying on top of all ongoing developments at all times
  • to be the gatekeeper and problem solver of potential risks along the development process
  • support Design with a great understanding of design, development and merchandising process from the creative concept into pre-production
  • ability to interpret design intent and offer suitable solutions for each individual purpose
Preferred Qualifications:
  • minimum 5 years working experience
  • experience in development/production of footwear of performance footwear/sneakers
  • passion for footwear, shoes
  • used to work under pressure with deadlines
  • strong knowledge of PLM systems
  • fluent in English
  • open to travel within Europe as well as Asia
  • Excellent problem solving ability and solution minded
  • A passion for product, sustainability and details

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