Executive Housekeeper - Calvin Klein

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Executive Housekeeper - Calvin Klein


The Executive Housekeeper is the point person for maintaining appearances of the assigned floors to Calvin Klein, Inc. standards. He or she will be solely responsible for assisting the Chief Creative Officer throughout the day serving lunch, providing beverages, and maintaining the appearance of his work spaces.


  • Provide a clean and organized work area for CCO and any assigned floors
  • Coordinate with executive assistants any meetings the CCO has
  • Ensure kitchens and restrooms are fully stocked and maintained for CCO and any assigned floors
  • Interface with executives and high profile guests for beverage requests and food delivery
  • Order cleaning and coffee supplies
  • Communicate effectively operational issues to supervisor



  • Provide a beverage cart every morning for the CCO's office and refresh throughout the day.
  • Maintain CCO's personal restroom; all supplies and hand towels accounted for and available.
  • Replenish CCO's personal fridge and maintain stock of specialty water.
  • Serve any specialty drinks requested throughout the day.
  • Plate all breakfasts and lunches served to the CCO.
  • All linens and hand towels must be washed, dried, and ironed daily.
  • Kitchens and additional restrooms must be checked and replenished of supplies at least three times daily; this includes all counter/cabinet inventories.
  • Maintain fully stocked refrigerator.
  • All coffee machines must be washed thoroughly.
  • Clean counters, cabinets, and microwave during each pass-through to clear finger-prints and any debris.
  • Run the dishwasher and ensure sinks are clear of dishes.
  • Empty trash bins in kitchens, restrooms, and when requested by associates on the floor.
  • Maintain appearance of lobbies; check floral arrangements and vases, wipe down benches as well as glass doors, elevator panels, and any visible scuff marks on walls.
  • Report to supervisor any issues regarding missing signs in restrooms, light bulbs that need to be replaced, leaky faucets, etc.
  • Check all conference rooms, showrooms, and common spaces on floors to organize chairs after meetings, replenish water bottles, or clear food.
  • Provide a list to supervisor of any areas that need to be vacuumed or mopped.


  • Inventory all glassware, dinnerware, serveware and linens used solely by CCO and report to supervisor any missing items.
  • Clean out kitchen refrigerators on assigned floors every Monday or Friday; replace liners, throw-out old food or expired beverages, and clear freezer of old ice.
  • Clean behind all coffee machines.
  • Ensure all restrooms have deodorizing spray, feminine hygiene products, and toilet seat covers.
  • Maintain freight areas and let supervisor know of increased clutter or issues with elevators or dumpsters.
  • Do an inventory of supplies in the kitchen and restrooms cabinets so an accurate order can be placed.
  • Do an inventory of milk on each of the assigned floors so an accurate milk order can be placed.
  • Close out any assigned Building Engines requests on Fridays.
  • Report to supervisor any areas that need painting.


  • Wash and steam slipcovers for all sofas/chairs on assigned floors.
  • Clear out kitchen cabinets of any accumulated items—ie. Catering containers, flower vases, wooden trayp>
  • Throw-out any clutter from underneath kitchen sinks.
  • Ensure all slop sinks have mops and buckets. Report to supervisor if supplies are missing.

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