Sr Director, Marketing Ops & Strategy

Why Pure

We’re here with the humble aspiration to accelerate the speed of human progress with our radically simple, all-flash enterprise storage technology. We’re driven by our belief that storage isn’t just a place to put things, it’s a powerful force to be unleashed - a force that will remove the limitations on those building the world of today, so they can erase the word “impossible” from tomorrow.  Our all-flash storage solutions offer radically simple technology to help companies unlock their future possibilities, today.

Our founders created the company with a passion to build storage technology customers love and deliver it with simplicity and service that fundamentally changes the enterprise storage experience. Founded in 2009, our record revenue growth has landed us among a very select group of companies. Today, customers and industries across the world are experiencing the benefits of going Pure - from Barclays to Linkedin.com and ConocoPhillips, Pure adopters cover a broad spectrum from global consumer brands, to healthcare, education and finance. 

Our Team

Puritans come from various backgrounds and we thrive off of challenging the norm. This cross pollination of backgrounds led to numerous ground breaking ideas and has helped us build one of the most reliable and easy to use storage systems in the industry. ​We strive to hire the best and brightest people, who excel in a cutting edge, fast paced, collaborative and transparent environment.  We are seeking enthusiastic individuals to solve real world problems while having fun along the way.

What You Will Be Doing?

Business Operations

Owning this will be necessary to understand all nuances of marketing investment, both from cash and accrual perspectives, and staying in line with finance, and providing support in planning and guidance to the board.  Core responsibilities include..

  • Develop deep working relationships with all marketing functions, sales, sales operations, channel, product and finance
  • Drive strong sales, channel and marketing alignment with initiatives and processes that support strong lead management, improved lead quality, enhanced data quality and tools and templates.
  • Assume the role of “Pipeline Czar”, and manage all elements including lead scoring, nurture, lead management, campaign tracking, database health, targeting and segmentation plans and alignment with sales operations
  • Drive marketing database strategy: analyzing gaps in our data, contact acquisition strategy, practices that ensure data quality and measuring database health.
  • Run monthly marketing metrics review processes & meetings across all geos
  • Lead the planning, budgeting and forecasting process for the Marketing organization.
  • Partner closely with Finance to ensure accurate ongoing budget management.

Owning this will be necessary to audit, document, instrument customer touch events, and collaborate with necessary business units on optimizing in-funnel metrics by defining/adjusting business rules, or implementing systems rules to support business rules. This responsibility will likely require support of 1-2 heads to focus on tactical aspects of role. High priority hire for 2016.

Marketing Technology Stack and Marketing Systems/Automation

In order to instrument tracking and data capture of customer touchpoint events, segment, triggered customer interactions, sales support, etc. marketing tech administration and marketing tech budget will need to be owned by this role. May require support from Marketing Ops headcount, and tightly interlock with Marketing Enablement headcount.

Marketing Analytics 

  • Actively monitor, analyze and report on the health of marketing contribution to pipeline, program ROI, customer acquisition and penetration, contact acquisition and activity.
  • Define ‘metrics that matter’ and manage the process to package these measurements into dashboards and reports to measure performance of the marketing team.
  • Provide Marketing leadership team with ongoing analysis for marketing investments, pipeline impact and goal setting.
  • Build deep competence leveraging the latest in data science techniques to measure and understand historical trends, leading indicators and marketing efficiency including (but not limited to) Macro Analytics like CAC/LTV, Funnel Analytics and Deal Cycle Analytics, and diagnostic analysis to optimize investment

It will be critical to the success of this role to build a sharp team of analysts who not only have technical skill to collect and analyze data, but are also close enough to the business to understand how to create informed business insights that drive decisions. 2 business-/marketing- data analysts will be high priority hires to support the successful execution of this role's responsibilities.

Marketing Enablement

  • Team skills/interlock/collaboration development
  • Team Development Budget

Lastly, to support the field/regional managers and inform the best use of technology, metrics, and facilitate the development of all marketing team members, this role will need to focus on a formal marketing enablement plan, that drives interlock and alignment. Suggested hire in early 2017.

Culture & Perks

Pure is a very special place. What makes and keeps us special is who we recruit to join us and how we work together. Our culture was shaped organically as our early team poured their heart and soul into Pure’s first generation product and supporting our early customers and partners.  We expect each employee to approach their job at Pure with the same level of pride and care, and perpetuate the values that are making us the best storage company in history.

At the center of those values is the belief that the single most important thing we do is continue to hire the best and create a workplace where they thrive and enjoy. To reward our employees for the great work they’re doing we offer a number of perks and benefits.

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