Software Engineer, Core Products


It’s really hard to find that perfect job. You wake up, brush your teeth, maybe sneak in a quick jog, sit in traffic, and do your best to check your baggage at the door before heading to your desk. Here at Pure, we don’t always agree, but we foster a collaborative environment. We have good days and bad, but we encourage a healthy work life balance. Despite the fact that there is that one conference room with the wide-angle video camera that makes everyone look a little less than glamorous, we feel that we’ve created an amazing place to work. But, you don’t know that yet, so here is how else we’re different from other companies:

 We are setting the pace for the industry.

Pure’s all-flash arrays are 10x faster, 10x smaller, and less expensive per gigabyte stored than traditional disc-based arrays. We just achieved an NPS score of 83.5 (certified), which is the highest ever in tech and a clear affirmation of our customer-first culture. This spells longevity for us and challenging times for our competition.

We have amazing talent just one desk over.

Our founders and CEO, Coz, Hayes, Dietz, the brightest minds in the industry aren’t locked away in some Silicon Tower. They’ll be sitting five feet from your desk. Each and every employee at Pure takes personal ownership in their work and has the autonomy to innovate with the implicit trust of our leadership team.

The problems we’re solving are exciting and challenging.

As a member of our core products engineering team you will have the ability to have big impact on any number of interesting problem spaces that span the gamut of systems and distributed computing. We are pushing the limits of performance, scale, reliability, and efficiency- all non-trivial problems that require top minds to solve.

No Storage? No Problem.

We look for talent and culture first, specific technologies second, so once you decide Pure is the right place for you, we will match you with the right project to start with. Plus, we like people to have the ability to do different things and be constantly learning, so we encourage our engineers to move around to different teams and project across the company.

We take great care of our employees.

Ski trips to Tahoe, BBQs, bowling nights, office chair racing, happy hours, game nights, and plenty of family events. But we also encourage work life balance and offer unlimited vacation and sick time to go with great salaries, great benefits (healthcare, retirement, the whole shebang!), and superior equity--a stake in a company that grows when you grow.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Interested? Check out the job description below. 

What you will do…  

  • Designing and implementing creative new algorithms and technologies for high performance, high reliability systems (think six 9’s)
  • Owning and delivering innovation end-to-end, from concept to shipped product
  • Analyzing and solving challenging problems through persistence and insight that would make detectives jealous
  • Working as a team with smart peers who inspire you and who are inspired by you
  • Making customers really happy, because that’s why we do what we do
  • Learning a ton, whether you know a ton or nothing about storage.

What you bring to the table...

  • Bring your proven design ability and the willingness to work in a collaborative and team oriented environment.
  • Experience in any number of related systems software projects e.g: Distributed systems, Operating systems, Linux Kernel, Database internals, Hypervisors, Containers, Compiler Optimization, etc.
  • A minimum of 3 years experience using C, C++, Go, Java or related programming languages.
  • A BS degree in Computer Science; Advanced degrees are a bonus!


Meet Some of Pure Storage's Employees

Chris G.

Technical Lead, Engineering Operations

Chris oversees the productivity and efficiency of the Engineering, Release, and Q&A Teams in order to ensure the company delivers the highest quality products in the shortest time period possible.

Miranda S.

Software Engineer

Miranda serves as an essential component of the Pure Storage Flash Blade User Interface Team. Together, they apply important client feedback to new features and implementations.

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