Interior Design Admin

Job Description
Primary responsibilities are to maintain kitchen/office supplies, support/assist the ID Director as well as various other ID related responsibilities.

Maintain/order all office and kitchen supplies.
Complete and send all Furniture Resource Guides to all Divisions.
Maintain/complete expense reports for ID Director.
Schedule vendor, Monthly team and Lunch and Learn meetings.
Maintain design library.
Assist in completing exterior color books.
Assist PA's in shipping and tax adjustments in eRequester.
Assist PA's in online ordering and space planning confirmation.

SCOPE (decision making, size of organization, budgetary etc.)
Decision Impact: Individual
Department Responsibility: None
Budgetary Responsibility: No
Direct Reports: No
Indirect Reports: No
Physical Requirements: None


REQUIRED EDUCATION (degrees, licenses, certifications, etc.)
Minimum High School diploma or equivalent

REQUIRED EXPERIENCE (work related, tools/equipment, software, etc.):
Related Functional Experience: Minimum of 1-2 years experience in related function
* Experienced in Microsoft Office

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