Vancouver - Phone Fundraising and Donor Engagement Representative

Public Outreach works with some of the world's most recognized, respected, and effective non-profits!  Working with us gives every day fundraisers access to the world of charities in a unique way! Many of our past and current staff are handpicked by our charity partners to pursue opportunities within their organizations, ranging from internships to full blown careers!

Working with Public Outreach you will develop leadership skills and communication skills in a way no other job could in such a short amount of time! 

Through effective interactions on the street and at peoples' doors we inform potential donors about reputable non-profits and their work. Sometimes, however, these individuals are not able to donate with our representatives immediately for various reasons. We are looking for individuals to join our telephone fundraising department to engage in conversation with these potential donors and sign them for monthly donations. We do not do cold calling, nor are we a telemarketing company.


  • Self-motivated 

  • Energetic and upbeat 
  • Articulate and enjoy engaging conversation

  • Able to passionately communicate global issues
  • Aware of and see value in philanthropy 

  • Thrives in a work environment in which critical thinking and on-going learning are encouraged

  • Contributes positively in a team work environment

  • Knowledge and experience in sales (asset) 

Job Requirements:

This dynamic role is a unique combination of sales, marketing and public relations however it is not commissioned based because of our core values of honesty and respect. We are looking for outgoing, passionate and hardworking individuals that share our values and are excited about helping non-profits.

Additional requirements:

  • Strong communication/interpersonal skills

  • Socially conscious

  • Passionate

  • Exceptional team player

  • Ability to work 3 to 5 days per week


We are just as passionate about our employees as we are about our non-profits! We are proud to offer comprehensive benefits and non-commissioned hourly pay.

  • Minimum wage for training (2 weeks), staff wage $14/hr + 

  • Medical, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance

  • Flexible Schedules

  • Full-time hours available

  • MSP Repayment

  • Rapid advancement and raises

  • Paid time off and paid holidays

  • Employee assistance programs

  • Promotion based on merit rather than seniority 

This job is not for the faint of heart, it can be challenging, but for those applicants who have a strong sense of team spirit, resilience and a positive, open growth mindset, it is the most rewarding career opportunity out there!

At Public Outreach we work in support of a diverse and equal world. We welcome all diverse peoples into our already eclectic teams.

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Meet Some of Public Outreach's Employees

Maryanne P.

Fundraising Manager, Toronto Phone Offices

Maryanne recruits, trains, and manages a team of phone fundraisers. She is her team’s biggest cheerleader—constantly motivating them to hit their fundraising goals for a diverse range of organizations.

Chike A.

Fundraising Manager, Toronto Door Offices

Chike hires and trains a team of fundraisers to go door-to-door sharing the stories of the amazing organizations Public Outreach works with so they can support the communities they’re a part of.

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