Professional Non- Profit Campaigner

The state of the world is pretty scary at the moment. We have been specializing in one-on-one conversations that change hearts and minds for well over a decade.

At Public Outreach we train and run professional face to face fundraising offices that work proudly and exclusively for human rights, gender empowerment and humanitarian aid organizations- and we want to grow our Halifax office.

The Job

- Craft personalized conversations with the public that result in high quality donors to support lifesaving work
- Compassionate communication with folks outside and on your feet to spur social change and raise funds
- Work alongside a team of seasoned staff as we adventure to different parts of the city weekly to engage individuals in changing the world


- Guaranteed hourly wages starting at $16.00/hr (we don't do commission because folks deserve pay for their work)
- Regular wage increases based on performance
- Comprehensive health benefits in 6 months
- On-going peer and managerial support
- Meeting some of the best co-workers you could imagine

We are looking to grow our Halifax office! If you're looking for a job where you have increasing leadership and managerial possibilities, this is the time!

What are you waiting for? APPLY by responding to this posting with your resume and phone number

We offer everyone a brief phone interview. If we gel, we'll bring you in for a group interview. We like to have selected applicants in for training within the week- we move fast!

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At Public Outreach we work in support of a diverse and equal world. We welcome all diverse peoples into our already eclectic teams. We encourage Peoples of Colour, Indigenous Peoples, Queer/Trans identifying as well as peoples with Dis/abilities to APPLY!

Meet Some of Public Outreach's Employees

Maryanne P.

Fundraising Manager, Toronto Phone Offices

Maryanne recruits, trains, and manages a team of phone fundraisers. She is her team’s biggest cheerleader—constantly motivating them to hit their fundraising goals for a diverse range of organizations.

Chike A.

Fundraising Manager, Toronto Door Offices

Chike hires and trains a team of fundraisers to go door-to-door sharing the stories of the amazing organizations Public Outreach works with so they can support the communities they’re a part of.

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