Professional Face to Face Fundraising

Public Outreach has been fundraising for the world’s most reputable international aid, environmental and advocacy organizations for over 15 years. We specialize in ethical, compassionate and engaging interactions that result in high quality monthly donations as well as strong, engaged communities.

If you are looking for a career shift into non-profit engagement and issue advocacy- this is the place. Public Outreach has been instrumental in developing, cultivating, advertising and mobilizing the public in well-known non profit campaigns across North America. We are keen strategists and professional communicators. And we love investing in young people. Get a feel for our office culture on our page with The Muse.

Job Responsibilities:

We’ve found that one-on-one engagement is a very personalized and cost-effective way to fundraise! As a Fundraiser you will fundraise outdoors in different areas of New York. You will be responsible for engaging with members of the public, raising awareness and welcoming on new members for the charities we represent.

Additional responsibilities:

  • Raising awareness of the organization's work, goals and financial needs

  • Gathering life-saving monetary donations for an organization

  • Developing strategies to encourage new or increased engagement

Job Requirements:

This dynamic role is a unique combination of sales, marketing and public relations. We however do not believe in commissioned based fundraising, and it creates a high stress and low waged environment. We proudly offer guaranteed hourly wages.

We are looking for outgoing, passionate and hardworking individuals that share our values and are excited about helping non-profits.

Additional requirements:

  • Strong communication/interpersonal skills

  • Socially conscious

  • Passionate

  • Enjoys the outdoors

  • Exceptional team player

  • Independently motivated

  • Ability to work 3 to 5 full days per week


We are just as passionate about our employees as we are about our non-profits! We are proud to offer comprehensive benefits and non-commissioned hourly pay.

  • Starting wages are $11/hr, hired wage $14

  • Regular wage reviews
  • Medical, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance

  • Flexible Schedules

  • Full-Time and part time hours available
  • Rapid advancement 

  • Paid time off and paid holidays

  • Employee assistance programs

  • Promotion based on merit rather than seniority

At Public Outreach we work in support of a diverse and equal world. We welcome all diverse peoples into our already eclectic teams.

We encourage Peoples of Color, Indigenous Peoples, Queer/Trans identifying as well as people with Dis/abilities to APPLY!

Meet Some of Public Outreach's Employees

Maryanne P.

Fundraising Manager, Toronto Phone Offices

Maryanne recruits, trains, and manages a team of phone fundraisers. She is her team’s biggest cheerleader—constantly motivating them to hit their fundraising goals for a diverse range of organizations.

Chike A.

Fundraising Manager, Toronto Door Offices

Chike hires and trains a team of fundraisers to go door-to-door sharing the stories of the amazing organizations Public Outreach works with so they can support the communities they’re a part of.

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