Professional Face to Face Fundraiser- Boston

We are looking for individuals that are outgoing, charismatic, strong communication skills, and that love smiling! We need approachable individuals to work on behalf of our group internationally reputable nonprofit organizations and to raise crucial funds.

Work a job that makes you feel proud of yourself every single day.

We proudly offer

**Guaranteed Hourly Wages. No commissions.
**Frequent Wage Increases
**Medical Benefits in 6 Months

**In house training and on-going peer support
**Hired Staff Wage: $14-$18/hr


APPLY today and join our fast-growing US team! 

At Public Outreach we work in support of a diverse and equal world. We welcome all diverse peoples into our already eclectic teams. We encourage Peoples of Color, Indigenous Peoples, Queer/Trans identifying as well as peoples with Dis/abilities to APPLY!

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