Video Engineer

    • Newark, NJ

Video Engineer

Primary Function
· Provide audiovisual and videoconference technical support for broad, high level and complex multimedia and broadcast events in conference rooms and event spaces; provide expertise and guidance to clients and colleagues, and technical and operational feedback to engineering and management
· Work with and provide backup support to Pru Productions Engineer-in-Charge for broadcast video facility

Role and Responsibilities
· Set up, operate and strike conference room systems including varying types of microphones and sound amplification and mixing systems, data/video displays and projection systems, AV device control systems, video switching, robotic camera systems, professional audio and video recording systems and video streaming
· Operate audio board, place microphones on presenters, maintain proper sound levels during meetings
· Perform AV equipment troubleshooting and testing prior to and during meetings
· Set up and operate professional broadcast cameras for recording, streaming, and video conferencing
· Extensive knowledge of projection systems, graphic presentation software like PowerPoint, and hardware, as well as image scaling on various display types, environments and sizes
· Versed in the set up and operation of various audio systems, including automated and manual mixers, and a wide variety of audio sources, such as computer audio and/or CD/DVD playback
· Advise staff producers, Technical Directors, Production Managers, Event Managers and others of all and any asset limitations of meeting spaces as applicable
· Report system anomalies, equipment problems, customer relations issues or any other daily event concerns that arise to appropriate colleagues and supervisors at Pru Productions
· Monitor the condition of all equipment, perform on-site analysis, diagnosis, and resolution of complex A/V hardware problems; recommend and implement corrective solutions under supervision of the Engineer-in-Charge
· Research and develop new AV and broadcast solutions in coordination with the Engineer-in-Charge and members of the Pru Productions team
· Maintain up-to- date knowledge of A/V and broadcast equipment and document changes, updates, and upgrades to existing installations
· Make recommendations for A/V and broadcast products in support of procurement and development efforts
· Support the Pru Productions Engineer-in-Charge and fill-in as needed for ongoing operation and maintenance of television, remote video and audio equipment, and video editing suites

• Excellent customer service skills and professional presence
• Strong understanding of all phases of event, video production and post-production
• Knowledge of DSPs, signal flow and routing, AV controllers and installed audio-visual systems
• Strong knowledge of current broadcast and AV industry practices, standards and procedures
• High level of problem-solving skills and the ability to recommend and implement alternative set-up and/or operations for complex systems
• Extensive experience with video and audio systems, lighting equipment, computers, and device control systems
• Familiarity with computer networks (LANs, net connections and IP)
• Familiarity with ProTools and other audio software applications.
• Ability to read and create wiring diagrams, CAD drawings and schematics
• Solid work ethic - Patience and Exceptional Customer Service skills.
• Ability to report for early morning and/or evening assignments as required
• General electrical knowledge (LV and analog signal)
• Can thrive in an environment where priorities shift on a dime and schedule changes quickly

Education and Experience
• Bachelor's Degree in Communications, Broadcasting, Video/Audio/Electronic Engineering or related field preferred; or Technical school training with electronics training and related experience
• 6 years experience with the setup, operation and troubleshooting of auditorium, theater, broadcast, and hotel environments

Physical Demands
• The duties of this position require the ability to bend, kneel, crawl, climb ladders and to stand for long periods of time
• Candidate must be capable of working at heights and have good balance
• Candidate may be required to lift heavy equipment up to 50 pounds

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