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The Greater Los Angeles Financial Group proudly represents Prudential Advisors' Los Angeles, California market and its large surrounding geography. This market extends up the coast to the Bay Area, with the parent office in Sherman Oaks and detached office locations in Los Angeles, Orange, and El Segundo. This organization has over 100 Financial Advisors and a dynamic leadership team that is committed to excellence, growth of the organization, and delivering exceptional service to our clients .

The Managing Director (MD) is directly responsible for successful implementation and execution of key performance indicators in order to maintain a productive and cost-effective agency while maintaining an environment that meets all regulatory rules and guidelines. This includes responsibility for achieving sales, market share, and productivity targets and financial objectives, implementing agency market strategies and plans, and directly supervising and developing local management.

I. Demonstrate Strategic Leadership

An effective Managing Director creates and articulates a compelling business vision, which supports Company's strategy.

  • Captures others' imagination, passion, and commitment around a vision
  • Conveys a sense of personal responsibility for leading the organization into the future
  • Builds trust and integrity throughout the organization
  • Coaches, mentors, and motivates sales management team and producers
  • Uses appropriate strategies to promote team effectiveness
  • Holds self and others accountable for results

II. Create a Winning Environment

An effective Managing Director must provide the leadership that creates an environment that attracts and retains successful professionals. Examples of this include:

  • Brings the Agency together to achieve common goals
  • Effectively recognizes and publicizes individual successes
  • Makes the Agency a desirable place to work
  • Develops a professional sales force that effectively and ethically penetrates key markets

III. Build Organizational Capability

An effective Managing Director identifies and implements ways to develop the capability of their organization, in terms of both people and processes. Examples of how this is demonstrated include:

  • Significantly contributes to long-term organizational capability by hiring, developing, and retaining a quality workforce.
  • Develops a culture that supports an effective recruiting and retention strategy
  • Recruits agents to deploy against identified gaps in target customer segments
  • Supports diversity recruiting goals
  • Upholds selection standards
  • Manages a large and diverse workforce
  • Develops/coaches staff
  • Creates quality systems, structures, and processes, which support the strategy of the Company, improve customer service, and increase productivity.
  • Understands regulatory issues
  • Ensures processes are in place to achieve a compliant and profitable environment
  • Promotes Agency culture which values customer service and ethics
  • Ensures Agency is committed to achieving customer satisfaction goals
  • Emphasizes the importance of building and maintaining customer relationships
  • Develops plans to improve business conservation
  • Promotes effective change management practices

IV. Obtain Strong Business Results

An effective Managing Director identifies critical business measures and aggressively monitors performance against them. Examples include:

  • Sales Activity and Results
  • Retention/New Associate delivery
  • Persistency
  • Testing
  • Staffing and Retention
  • Training
  • Compliance

Examples of how an effective Managing Director meets their business objectives as related to these measurements include:

  • Establishes personal development goals
  • Makes decisions and sets priorities based on consideration of benefits vs. costs/required resources
  • Consistently achieves strong revenue and expense results for the Company and its customers
  • Implements and executes the Company's product strategy
  • Monitors and analyzes local marketing plan to support Company strategy
  • Seeks information to achieve results
  • Keeps up with sources internal to Prudential, with key customers, and with team members at all levels
  • Reaches beyond traditional information sources to achieve results
  • Maintains an awareness of trends, opportunities or problems in other areas, or with staff members

V. Capitalize on Market Opportunities

An effective Managing Director is able to identify and capitalize on market opportunities to effectively meet their business objectives. Examples of this include:

  • Develops local sales and marketing strategy
  • Develops relationships with centers of influence within the local communities
  • Assesses and seeks out additional markets and business opportunities
  • Manages and supports organizational product strategy

  • Series 6, 7, 24 (26), 65, Life/Health, P&C
  • Registered state securities (Blue Sky)
  • Industry designation (CLU, ChFC © , CFP © ) and PPA training
  • 5-7 years of management experience
  • Track record of sound judgment
  • Leadership and execution skills
  • Record of success in previous roles
  • Ability to coach, mentor, and motivate others
  • Strong supervision skills
  • In-depth knowledge of company insurance and investment products
  • Strong understanding of financial issues and key profitability measures
  • Ability to operate in regulated business environment
  • Demonstrated execution skills
  • Ability to manage change
  • Ability to implement company-sponsored plans

Any applicant selected for this position will be required to submit to an extensive background screening and a credit check. Failure to comply will eliminate an applicant from consideration for this position. Any negative information obtained as a result of the background screening may result in the disqualification of the applicant from this and any other position in Prudential, including their current position if they are an internal applicant.

Securities products and services offered through Pruco Securities, LLC.

Job ID: Prudential-GRE0004O

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