Agile Coach

15+ years ago, priceline.com transformed the travel space. We are now looking for some to work with us to transform how we continue to do that. We are looking for an Agile Coach to deliver consistency and accelerate our Agile & Scrum practices and mentor process change throughout the organization. The ideal candidate will bring deep experience and a collaborative attitude to enable us to increase velocity, improve visibility, and raise quality throughout our organization.  This position will coach teams at different levels of maturity -- across disparate programs and development teams.  Our group is poised to drive dramatic change within the organization, a successful candidate must be hungry to learn and hungry to teach. 


  • Work with stakeholders at all levels to be an evangelist and catalyst for our adoption and roll-out of agile methodologies: ceremonies, practices, and values.
  • Articulate the business value of Agile Practices (i.e. answer the question “why do we do it this way”)
  • Serve as a thought leader to evangelize Agile and industry best practices
  • Establish a coalition of supporters to help drive awareness of Agile processes and Atlassian's software solutions
  • Analyze our current processes, prioritize areas for improvement, and work alongside teams to implement change
  • Manage projects in JIRA and Confluence to ensure stakeholder-appropriate visibility into project status, including the Senior Leadership Team.
  • Monitor and report on key Agile performance metrics
  • Develop and deliver trainings on Agile processes/best-practices and Atlassian software for internal customers (including new hires) of varied levels throughout priceline.com so that everyone sees benefits from Agile and to foster Agile leads who can manage high-performing teams
  • Mentor team members: defining and manage product scope, objectives, milestones, roles and accountabilities, deliverables and approach, and backlog management, Agile rituals, reporting, MVP definition, validated learning, test-driven development, and conflict resolution
  • Function as Scrum Master or manage Scrum of Scrums, depending on need
  • Actively communicate with project / program stakeholders to ensure alignment, visibility, and transparency into all aspects of assigned projects and programs. 
  • Above all else, foster and model a collaborative, cross-functional team environment that's driven to build great products and solve customer-needs and enterprise goals.
Detailed Qualifications
  • A belief that Agile enables individuals to more fully understand, participate, and engage in business objectives.
  • A belief that Agile fosters open team communication, transparency, and the ability to make honest trade-offs in project decisions.
  • A deep understanding of MVP and the ability to guide priceline.com through the pitfalls of process versus flexibility
  • Proficiency with Scrum processes, Lean Agile methodology, JIRA, Confluence, and the rest of the Atlassian suite
  • Experience driving change across companies or industries and deep experience developing teams and helping to align team objectives with business goals
  • Experience using JIRA's Agile performance metrics to drive accountability and continuous improvement
  • 1-2 years of experience supporting and teaching Lean methodologies and practices like Iteration Planning, Prototyping, Release Planning, Retrospectives, Writing User Stories and Acceptance Criteria, Velocity-based Planning, Continuous Delivery, Behavior-Driven Development
  • Empathy and an exceptional bedside manner are essential in gaining alignment and excitement around Agile processes
  • Experience managing software development efforts for large scale web applications using Agile and Lean methodologies with in-house and outsourced teams.
  • The ideal candidate has mentored companies that are transitioning to Agile, Scrum, or the "Lean Startup" method.
  • The ideal candidate has used Atlassian's toolset to foster fostering organizational changes and implement agile processes throughout multiple disciplines (software development, QA, marketing, networking, devops, customer service, help-desk) and industries. 
  • The ideal candidate will possess a deep understanding of Agile PLM technologies, as well as very strong conceptual, analytical, judgment and communication abilities, including with nontechnical audiences.
General Qualifications
  • 2+ years of experience as a Scrum Master / Agile Project Manager
  • Bachelor's degree in computer science, engineering, or a related discipline
  • PLUS: Master’s degree in computer science or related discipline
  • PLUS: one or more Agile certifications (e.g., CSM, CSPO, CSP, PSM, PSPO). SAFe certifications (SA, SP, SPC) highly desirable.\

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