Senior Backend Engineer

Our infrastructure team is looking for a senior engineer interested in writing and running the mission-critical backend services of Prezi. Our team consists of more than 10 infrastructure engineers working on 3 different projects in dynamic allocation.

We started to split up our monolith and move the components from physical machines to the AWS cloud 2 years ago. The microservices architecture provides a scalable and highly available system, although it also introduces several challenges we have to get over.

 Challenges, like

  • having a proper CI system that can test and build lots of services (mobile?)
  • creating a local development environment that’s easy to use and set up
  • starting new services so fast that we don’t have to take the needed time into account at project planning
  • handling the massive amount of logs coming from the application and providing tools to developers for monitoring, alerting and debugging 

Technical requirements we expect from you:

  • 6+ years experience in developing web applications and web services (e.g. Python/Django)
  • Good understanding of the AWS stack
  • Deep understanding of the full web technology stack (e.g. HTTP, cookies, asset loading, caching, REST, TCP)
  • Must demonstrate either significant personal or professional experience in software development and some experience in technological leadership

Skills we expect from everyone at Prezi:

  • Able to meet deadlines
  • Having a sharing mindset, work within an international environment, exchange knowledge with colleagues
  • Be up-to-date with new trends
  • Ability & willingness to learn fast and pick up new things easily
  • Passion for clean, maintainable code
  • Strong critical thinking skills
  • Great communication skills in English

Knowledge all the team members have and is a benefit if you are familiar with too:

  • Experience with configuration management systems (e.g. Chef)
  • Practical knowledge of Docker
  • Knowledge of test automation of backend and frontend applications
  • Passion for developer-centric interface design in developer tools

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