Front-end Web Developer - Budapest

We are looking for a Frontend Web Developer interested in building forward thinking web experiences and interactions in our engineering team at Prezi. In this frontend focusing role your major responsibility would be to add new features (and improve existing ones) to the Prezi Business presentation editor application. You will have the opportunity to work with a growing start-up, building things millions of people will see everyday. This position is located in our Budapest office.


You should be excited about:

  • Joining a team that focuses on the presentation editing features of the product.
  • Working together with UXers, designers to create beautiful customer facing applications.
  • Writing complex single page web applications in a maintainable way.
  • Working in a challenging, fast paced environment.
  • Contributing to a software which helps people present and share ideas in a new, easier way.


Challenges you will be working on:

  • Implementing new features and improving existing ones in collaboration with product people, designers, UX-ers and other engineers
  • Creating responsive, performance driven user interfaces
  • Writing and debugging a huge Typescript application using React.js
  • Writing automatic tests and working with our CI infrastructure
  • Optimize code so we have a fluid visual experience in the browser
  • Some development and maintenance of backend services (mostly written in Python)


Technical requirements:

  • 4+ years experience in developing web applications and web services.
  • Experience in frontend frameworks and JavaScript libraries (e.g. React.js, Bacon.js).
  • Passion for clean, maintainable code.
  • Choose tools for the problem and not the other way around. Be able to debug through several stacks.
  • Some experience in backend development would be great!


General requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering – equivalent work experience is acceptable.
  • Must demonstrate either significant personal or professional experience in software development.
  • Able to meet deadlines, work within an international environment, exchange knowledge with colleagues, and be up-to-date with new trends.
  • Ability & willingness to learn fast and pick up new things easily.
  • Analyze and solve programming tasks independently and pro-actively.
  • Strong critical thinking skills.
  • Great communication skills in English.



  • Knowledge of test automation of backend and frontend applications, continuous deployment.
  • Passion for user-centric interface design.
  • Working on user facing application at scale.

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