Team Lead


Plated Team Leaders help coordinate the production and shipment of Plated meal kits. They are responsible for getting great product out the door on time, while serving as role models for their fellow team members. They receive guidance primarily from Senior Team Leaders as needed.

 Essential Functions

1.     Oversee organization of workflows which includes, but is not limited to: receiving, storage and rotation of food and non-food inventory, coordination of ingredient quality checks as needed for portioning, mealbagging, and pick and pack, packaging of ingredients as specified in production schedules, assignment and reassignment of Team Members to improve flow and efficiency as needed, ensuring completeness of customer orders leaving the facility.

2.     Facilitate consistent quality and quantity of food being prepared by team members; perform random spot checks, coach and correct with respect.

3.     Participate in food preparation, portioning and order fulfillment while demonstrating the highest level of food quality and presentation.

4.     Oversee or participate in label and recipe card printing.

5.     Maintain accurate records for all HACCP plans and other records as requested.

6.     Raise issues to Operations Supervisors and assist in keeping production organized

7.     During pick and pack, coordinate with other Team Leaders to ensure high-quality and complete orders are being fulfilled.

8.     Participate in food preparation, portioning and order fulfillment while role    modeling the highest level of food quality and presentation

9.     Participate in ongoing maintenance of Plated’s QA program, keeping accurate records as needed

10.   Rotate to various functions as business needs evolve

11.   Comply with company standards, policies, and procedures, and assist in assuring the same from fellow employees

12.   Maintain Effective communication with Team Leaders and Managers & be responsive to suggestions and criticism.  Bring disciplinary concerns to GM & raise awareness of issues to be addressed in weekly team meetings

13.   Use logic, common sense, and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions, or approaches to problems and escalate to team leaders and management

14.   Follow all Food Safety guidelines, but not limited to: GMP’s, Allergen Program, Quality, Sanitation & Safety


  • High School diploma or the equivalent preferred
  • Minimum of 2years experience in a light manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, food preparation or similar industry / work environment
  • Willingness to actively participate in Team Member & Team Leader training and support activities
  • Attention to detail with a customer orientation
  • Ability to meet attendance guidelines (may include holidays, weekend and extended hours)

 Physical Demands

Standing 95%

Walking 5%

Sitting 0%

Vision - Near Acuity

Speaking – ordinary speech

Hearing – ordinary conversation

Work Environment

Regular exposure to damp cold environment

Exposure to warehousing equipment hazards

Standing and walking on wet tiled floors

Lifting required up to 50lbs.  Carrying 20-50 lbs. and pushing/pulling 70+ lbs.

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