Trust & Safety Specialist (Fixed-term)

We're looking for a thoughtful and resilient individual with quick decision-making skills to help us make Pinterest feel safe and welcoming. You'll help us review and respond to content reported by Pinners and teach Pinners what is and isn't appropriate for the community. You'll also have the chance to impact the development of new policies as the expertise you gain in this role will be a valuable asset to our Policy team.

The nature of this job can be tough at times, but the work is vital to the experience of Pinners globally and the success of our company. Because of this, the role is 1 year fixed-term, and we're excited to include employee benefits for the length of the term.

What you'll do:

  • Review reported content and accurately and quickly assess for compliance with graphic content guidelines
  • Learn and implement evolving policies and guidelines
  • Identify content guideline gaps and trends to help improve Pinterest policies and methods of enforcement
  • Participate in an on-site wellness program to address unique challenges of working with graphic content

What we're looking for:

  • Strong critical and contextual thinking skills with a bias toward action in ambiguous situations
  • Willingness to learn complex policies quickly with curiosity and openness
  • Self-motivated and hard-working
  • Comfortable with viewing disturbing content and discussing difficult subjects clearly and calmly
  • Ability to remain detail oriented during long periods of focus


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