Software Engineer, Storage & Caching

As a software engineer on the Storage & Caching team you'll be responsible for building and owning the systems that store and serve all of Pinterest's core data, including users, pins, boards and feeds. The mission of the team is to build systems that are not only highly scalable, performant and reliable, but also a delight to use. Our systems enable our product engineers to move fast and build awesome features rapidly on top of them.

What you'll do:

  • Build, own and improve innovative storage services like UMegaStore (key-value storage-as-a-service) and Zen (graph storage service) that serve almost all of Pinterest's user facing storage needs
  • Contribute to open source databases like MySQL, HBase and RocksDB
  • Own, improve and contribute to caching systems like Memcached and Redis, and related infrastructure like cache proxies (McRouter) to manage distributed caching at scale
  • Continually improve operability, scalability, efficiency, performance and reliability of our storage and caching solutions

What we're looking for:

  • Deep expertise on online storage and caching systems at consumer Internet scale, knowledge with HBase a plus
  • Strong ability to work cross functionally with product teams and with the storage SRE / DBA team
  • Fluent in Java, C/C++ and/or Python

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