Software Engineer, Recommendations & Homefeed

We work with some of the largest datasets in the world, tailoring over 50 billion Pins across 1 billion boards for tens of millions of users and making over 6B recommendations each day. Our content ranges across all categories, from food and fashion to books, art, and movies, and our dataset is rich with textual, web mining, social and interest graph, and visual image content — harnessing these signals at scale is a significant challenge. You’ll work with our small team to understand Pinner interests and intent and build the systems and machine learning models to drive recommendations to those Pinners at scale.

What you’ll do:

  • Create learned models about user behavior to customize Pinners’ homefeeds
  • Develop new feature and content extraction algorithms from Pinterest’s Pin and interest graph
  • Launch user features and experiments driven by ML and recommendations
  • Build a recommendations engine to rank any type of content and object based on Pin and Pinner signals

What we’re looking for:

  • Over 5 years of experience with algorithms, data structures and coding
  • Expertise in machine learning, statistics or big data
  • Previous experience with search or recommendations ranking systems
  • Understanding of an object-oriented programming language (Java, C++, Python)
  • Experience in MapReduce, Hadoop or distributed systems

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