Software Engineer, Ranking

The Recommendations team at Pinterest helps users discover great content – be it pins, boards, or users – at Pinterest. Our recommendations engine mines the unique aspects of Pinterest’s large (1B+ nodes) pin and interest graph to zero in on the most personalized experience for each Pinterest user. We power the Pinterest home feed, pin recommendations, and many other parts of the Pinterest product. The small team owns the stack end-to-end, from data mining and machine learning in Hadoop to understand user profiles, to building the offline and real time infrastructure to push content to our large user base. The Pinterest dataset is rich with textual, web mining, social and interest graph, and visual image content, and harnessing these signals at scale is a significant challenge.


  • Learning models about user behavior to customize Pinterest user’s homefeeds.
  • Feature extraction and understanding of Pinterest interest graph.
  • Launching user features driven by ML and recommendations pipelines.
  • Recommendations engine, ranking of different object types based on pin and user signals.


  • MS/PhD in Computer Science, concentration in ML, information retrieval, NLP, or similar.
  • 3+ years of software engineering experience.
  • Previous experience with search/ranking/machine learning, at companies like Bing, Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc.

This is a full time position in Seattle.

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