Software Engineer (Intern)

At Pinterest, we’re organically growing our team and product. The best way to keep a healthy energy and buzz is to infuse our team with Pinterns. We operate with lean product and platform engineering teams focused on high impact and results. A Pintern is synonymous with a full-time Pinployee – high impact and high exposure. Throughout your internship, you’ll take a journey with us as we maneuver through crazy growth and insane scale while building awesome products and features, creating visually rich experiences, spearheading the discovery problem, and PINpointing tomorrow’s engineering challenges. Most of Pinterest hasn’t been built yet – you’ll help add to the future of innovation and inspiration while we partner with you to help you grow as an engineer and excel your development.

We offer a 12 week summer internship program in our San Francisco office. Think you’ve got what it takes to be a Pintern? Read more about our Pinternships below.

What you’ll do:

  • Hit the ground running– produce clean code and get ready to jump in the code base on day 1
  • Work on high impact projects and help build the future of Pinterest
  • Knit across our engineering organization to build new features from scratch
  • Continually grow– professionally and personally through various learning and developments opportunities

What we’re looking for:

  • Pursuing a CS degree (or related field)
  • 2-3 years of CS classes under your belt (Intro to CS and Algorithms, Advanced Algorithms, Operating Systems and Data Structures are all great!)
  • Aptitude for JavaScript, CSS, C++, HTML, Python, Java, Go–we use a variety of programming languages and tools
  • Proactive nature
  • Power Pinner (or become a Pinner)! Familiarity with our product is key

Former Pintern impact:

  • Austin brought interests to iOS–a users home feed now includes pins based on their individual interest profiles.
  • Javier honed in on global email delivery time optimization.
  • Alice built Professor X on Android–new user orientation for every new Android sign-up.
  • Sarah, JJ, and Ken rewrote our entire mobile website from scratch.
  • Shirley wrote a distributed data pipeline that processes raw flashlight user activities to elevate our visual discovery experience.
  • Junhua trained word embedding models using our unique data that has changed the way Pinterest is tackling and applying natural language processing.

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