Software Engineer, Ads Payments & Billing System

We're looking for a seasoned billing and payments engineer to architect and build out our payments infrastructure that will handle every dollar that flows through Pinterest's ads platform. You'll work on a small team to build a system that can scale with our growth over the years.

What you'll do:

  • You will be the lead engineer who would builds out and maintains our billing systems with a focus on credit card billing.
  • You will be responsible for making all the technical decisions around how we integrate with new credit card gateways, and how we manage auditing, etc.
  • Design and implement upgrades to all these systems to support our growth.
  • Provide engineering leadership for our billing infrastructure.

What we're looking for:

  • A technical lead with the potential growth to a leadership opportunity for the newly built team.
  • Experience with algorithms, data structures and coding.
  • Expertise in billing and payment systems.
  • Experience with ad serving systems.
  • Understanding of an object-oriented programming language (Java, C++, Python).


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