S/W Engineering & Architecture

Smart Luminaries Solution

  • Work on MCU to send sensor data to desktop computer.
  • On desktop computer, analyze sensor data on Python to give conclusion or advice to signal conditioning circuit and senor designers.
  • Work on C, VS/C/C++, Python for DSP algorithm development on MCU and desktop computer.
  • Using sensor data, design basic/simple detection and pattern recognition/classification algorithms.
  • design simple/basic DSP libs such as, mean, variance, FFT and etc.
Cost Innovation
  • Secure cost target in each defined leading product
  • Enhance LED portfolio by continuous cost performance improvement
  • BoM cost should be on par (catch up in new area) or lower than key competition.
Create Differentiator
  • Stick on USP definition process
  • Stick on one family look (defined by marketing) and ensure building block design around this
  • Understand real customer needs and add value to our products
Cycle Time Reduction
  • Safeguard project throughput time.
  • Develop and validate product in line with specifications, costs and quality standards.
  • Ensure consistency of system architecture until product release by reviewing mockup, FOT and pilot run test result
  • First time right mindset, avoid trials and errors.
  • Risk management, do not let issue flow to late stage of projects, even after release
Competence Buildup
  • Build up intelligence, interfacing and integration capability
  • Lighting sensor compentect build up
  • Work closely and drive FEI and research on their related topics

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