Procurement Engineer

Job TitleProcurement Engineer

Job Description

The jobholder is responsible for NPI project Procurement Engineering (PE) activities to support Home Business in PCLZ site.

He/She has a particular understanding of the product context 'End to End' in a BG/Cat and implement the Business strategy through new product development including on time, on cost and on quality new product release & delivery. He/She should own the DfX concept for the Business and ensures alignment with all other functional disciplines within the Business to make this happen.

He/she should ensure the engagement and early involvement of suppliers to achieve NPI products quality release. Further PE must have a proper hand-shaking with commodity team to ensure correct supplier selection and supply base strategy implementation.

He/She should pick up a certain PE process as owner to run it and improve it, processes as DfX, Value Engineering, Total Cost Ownership, Early Supplier Involvement, Make/Buy …

Job Family Summary

Procurement Engineering is the set-up of Procurement in the business covering procurement processes in I2M, M2O and O2C. Accountable for the business related procurement KPI's such as BoM savings and Global Supplier Rating System score. Procurement Engineering covers the in-depth understanding of the product context 'End to End' and delivers the business procurement strategy including the strategic cost management vision to the commodities. PE owns the DfX concept and ensures alignment with all other functional disciplines to make this happen and also ensures the early involvement of the supplier in all new product creation process steps. PE also delivers added value by bringing the entire Procurement network (CM, PE, MP, Gov and Support) to the equation.

Key Areas of Responsibility

  • Improve the design decision making.
  • Support price negotiations with fact-based information and opportunities to drive short term product cost reduction improvement.
  • Support the deployment of early supplier involvement through target costing and tracking for assigned product or module.
  • Contribute to the development of an effective set of cost models to track "target cost" status for assigned product.
  • Maintain updates to the costs for assigned product/module and ensure that cost models are up to date and information is available as required.
  • Landscape and technology roadmaps
  • Provides input for make or buy analysis
  • Supports the in/outsourcing process (e.g. knowledge transfer, supplier ramp-up);
  • Provides input to the Commodity Teams regarding the supply base characteristics based on business requirements
  • Orders tools and samples related to new product development
  • Execute and support phase in – phase Out (PIPO) planning related to new product introduction
  • The Procurement Engineer may act as Supplier Account Manager assigned by, and under the delegated responsibility of the relevant commodity team
  • Identify opportunities in the new product design process through target costing, and managing cost drivers and data sources to improve the design decision making
  • Support price negotiations with fact-based information and opportunities to drive short and/or long term product cost reduction improvement
  • Support the deployment of early supplier involvement through target costing and tracking for assigned product
  • Owner for delivering the cost elements for assigned product, as required improving total cost of ownership for the cost roadmaps for key products
  • Lead the development of an effective set of cost models to track "target cost" status for assigned product
  • Analyze cost trends, develop and review cost forecasts
  • Maintain updates to the cost drivers for assigned product and ensure that information is available as required


Functional Competencies

  • Innovation Management
  • Technical Learning
  • Learning on the Fly
  • Problem Solving
  • Perseverance
  • Perspective
  • Priority Setting
  • Planning
  • Peer Relationships
  • Negotiating

Technical Competencies

  • Leading / Supporting a DfX
  • Value Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Cost Modelling
  • Product Knowledge
  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Lean Concepts

Dimensions Relating to Know-How: Technical Know-How, Management Breadth, Human Relation Skills

  • BS or comparable diploma in Mechanical, Industrial, Electrical or Electronic Engineering
  • 5 to 10 years of experience in a high volume assembly-type industry in supply chain related functions or related financial controlling functions
  • Understanding the principles of Executing Cost Down projects and new product introduction Projects
  • Understanding the principles of Value Engineering (L1)
  • Understanding the principles of the materials / goods flow
  • Is an expert user of the entire costing toolset (Should Costing, NPV, TCO etc.) in large projects
  • Deep knowledge of the long term structural cost drivers for the assigned product.
  • Participates in multidisciplinary project teams and contributes to developing cost engineering processes
  • Able to read and understand blue prints and other engineering documentation

Dimensions Relating to Problem Solving: Thinking environment & -challenge

  • Cost down projects and new product introduction projects executed for assigned product portfolio
  • Addresses problems with unique and/or cross functional implication.
  • Evaluate supplier manufacturing systems and processes and subsequent data collected for the purpose of analysis.
  • Is up to date with developments in the commodity market and uses this to provide inputs to Product Creation Process and negotiation process.

Dimensions Relating to Accountability: Freedom to Act, Magnitude, Nature of impact

  • Is able to lead cost down projects and participates in new product introduction projects
  • Is able to lead project based Cost Engineering activities, manage reporting of results within the project teams.
  • Stimulates significant impact on the cost price of a product and supports total cost improvement discussions.
  • Based on supply value of > € 10 M.


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