Packaging Engineer

Job TitlePackaging Engineer

Job Description

  • You complete the mechanical design of packaging for products made by Philisp Lighting. This consists of designing packaging concepts, completing specification, evaluate samples, construct relevent release test and ensuring that manufacturers can correctly implement the designs made.
  • You will conduct research on packaging materials, -designs and –activities so that products can be packed and transported in continuity with an optimum use of materials, quality and requirements in terms of cost, safety and environment.
  • You will actively track down missing specification points and consult interested disciplines so that a package is specified and developed which functions optimally in continuity in the entire process of production, packaging, storage and transport.
  • You will promote the importance of a good packing throughout the compnay by raising awareness of the Packaging Philosophy so that packaging is considered an integral part of the product cycle, thereby contributing to the profitability of the product.
  • You advises product development on the outlines and fragility of new products so that a qualitative optimum packaging and packing method is timely available at minimal total costs.
  • You will optimizes existing packaging and packaging systems at users, so that their packaging processes are up-to-date, related to technology, legal requirements and costs.

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