Electronic Engineer

  • Responsible for innovation in electronics domain, drive breakthrough solution to meet stretch product requirement.
  • Responsible for driver platform development and maintenance, and ensure platform commonality thru product development.
  • Responsible for electronics design for Retrofit LED lamps, test and release driver and final product design according to project planning.
  • Responsible for modeling the power stage and control circuit to enable design friendly and design robust.
  • Responsible for the analysis in EMI design, surge design.
  • Responsible for the Loss estimation of power components to enable thermal design.
  • Co-work with pre-development team on innovative projects, evaluate design maturity and make sure smooth transfer to NPI stage.
  • Interact with other technical design functions to ensure product functionality and performance meet customer expectation.
  • Work closely with OEM/ ODM suppliers, review and guide electronics design, drive cost innovation in electronics and on time delivery.
  • Responsible for key components design and selection, ensure satisfied performance in real application and work with component team and procurement team to continuous drive component cost down.
  • Support group leader and competence leader to coach junior electronic engineer for competence improvement.


Your challenge
Describe in 50-60 words:

  • what are the one or two key challenges in this position
  • how will they contribute to the growth of Philips Lighting
Your responsibilities
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Your team
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Our offer
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  • Describe the growth opportunities that Philips Lighting has to offer
We are looking for
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  • Hard criteria (education, knowledge, experience, language)
  • Competences - 4 maximum (mention only the crucial ones that really make the difference between a good and a great candidate)
  • Any other information for the recruiter

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