Development engineer

Job TitleDevelopment engineer

Job Description



  • Participate to risk-analysis in order to make right categorization in terms of difficulty for new projects.
  • After getting informed of selected new projects , set up the engineering planning containing transfer meeting, start of engineering, complexity, timing release for cost price, timeline for prototyping and feasibility study , and final release.
  • After transfer meeting, set up the architecture of the project and techniques/technologies to be used and discuss with expat-engineer from HQ. If applicable, organize brainstorming with necessary people, when applicable, people from other departments and/ or the factories/suppliers.
  • Work out the project by means of drawings, used technologies and related design rules. From each part – beside a 3D – a drawing must be made including important and functional dimensions, material and technology related remarks. On article level, an exploded view is made.
  • Perform necessary research and organize testing to make sure risks and feasibility are known/risks minimized and feasibility optimized.
  • When first out of tools/first samples arrive, do the necessary evaluations to verify result with product specifications. Perform and initiate corrective actions if applicable.
  • If necessary give necessary support to the factories/assembly for first production.


  • Manages own efficiency executing the work within the forseen time and budget
  • Develops according to cost targets


  • Translates the realistic application and value chain conditions into (sub-) system and component specs"


  • Pro-actively reaches out to project colleagues in order to optimize the total offering


"• 5+ years experience in lighting luminaire design or consumer electronics products, in an international context with evidence of contributions which led to proven business success

  • Recognized through contributions to the specialist community through mentoring, publications, teaching, external and internal collaboration, participation in professional organizations
  • Plays active role to bring the mechanical "domain"- community to a higher level through networking, facilitating discussions and problem solving sessions
  • 5+ yrs of experience cooperating in multi-disciplinary teams to develop integral idea to marketing offers
  • QUALIFICATION: Bacholar or above degree in mechatronics or mechanical engineering "


"•High level knowledge of technology and application trends in the domain and industry

  • Shows structural training or proven self study in domain and related areas
  • Shares this knowhow to the rest of the org
  • Generates initiatives leading to new/improved propositions
  • Business acumen
  • Result driven
  • Analytical
  • Inspiring
  • Can coach others."

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