Marketing Data Analytics Manager

Who We Are:

Persado is reinventing digital marketing creative by applying mathematical certainty to the words we use in marketing communications. Words are the foundational DNA of marketing. By unlocking the power of words, companies win every digital marketing moment, experiencing dramatic new brand engagement and revenue performance across every channel.

In an era where marketing budgets have hit the wall and digital marketing creative is underperforming, Persado is empowering companies to break out of this “confidence crisis” by shifting digital creative from subjective “guesswork” to science. The Persado Message Machine keeps companies from falling behind by using mathematical certainty to inform their brands and instill confidence that they are making every word count across each customer journey, and every channel.

Forward-thinking CMOs and marketing executives rely on Persado to continuously outperform by using words as a new source of value and differentiation, driving up to a 30X ROI across all of digital marketing and multiplying the impact of existing investments.

Applying data science and AI to digital marketing creative is a $14B greenfield opportunity in Martech. It’s a great opportunity for those who are interested in joining a high growth company and want to be part of starting movement and establishing a new category in Martech.

What We Are Looking For:

As an experienced Marketing Data Analyst practitioner, you’ll bring your expertise to bear on our data and business, building out our data analysis capabilities within the Marketing function. Your key contribution will be to define, generate, analyze, interpret and communicate the metrics which underpin our sales and marketing objectives. You’ll help the marketing team make better, faster, more data-driven decisions and develop an expert knowledge of all areas of our global marketing operation.  

You’ll sit within our Marketing Operations function and will be required to work with technical and non-technical people across the entire company, from Marketing to Sales and Customer Success, and from Operations to IT.

What We Want You To Do:

  • Build a new Marketing BI capability: work with and guide the marketing leadership team to agree on clear, unambiguous KPI definitions and map the relationships between leading and lagging metrics.
  • Build, communicate, and maintain a suite of dashboards, BI applications, standardized reports, and native reporting within the Martech stack to track Marketing’s key performance indicators against departmental objectives/targets.
  • Work with stakeholders across the Marketing team to enable them to self-serve business intelligence through the BI solution as well as marketing tools like DemandBase, Google Analytics, Qlik, Hootsuite, Pardot and Salesforce.
  • Leverage reporting suite and other analytics tools to support recurring marketing business reviews as well as deep-dive ad-hoc analyses of post-campaign performance to put forward hypotheses and recommendations for future initiatives and programs.
  • Support end-to-end view of marketing performance through the creation and communication of a marketing and sales online and offline attribution model, visualization of full funnel performance, demand modeling, and lead/pipeline forecasting.
  • Work with Operations to recommend and implement changes to systems, processes, and data that support the accurate analysis of marketing performance.

Who You Are:

  • You can turn complex business requirements into scalable, robust, explorable data products
  • You’re a self-starter - you take initiative in spotting opportunities and finding ways to solve challenges with data
  • You’re curious in nature and keen to identify the ‘why’ within a data set
  • You’re used to talking about your work with clarity to your immediate team and senior management
  • A strong understanding & skepticism about the features and limitations of different data sources
  • You’re good at quickly getting a grasp of any dataset that you're working with
  • You’ll have experienced the technical challenges of setting up BI reporting for a fast-growing global B2B marketing function
  • You’ll be able to demonstrate how you have automated repetitive tasks to make you and your team more efficient

What We Want To See:

  • 4+ years experience, having worked as a senior level Marketing Data Analyst within the marketing function of a B2B SaaS or tech organization.
  • A proven track record of enabling marketing teams to make better data-driven decisions
  • Commercial experience in a fast-moving company
  • As comfortable building ETL scripts as you are visualizing insights and finding the business narrative in the data
  • A vast wealth of experience working with a Marketing ‘tech stack’ including but not limited to tools such as Allocadia, Pardot, Google Analytics and Salesforce.
  • Have a solid understanding of digital marketing and can manage and report on marketing campaign tracking, including sources across multiple channels like web, social, email, live events, webinars, and online communities
  • Ability to communicate analyses clearly to both technical and non-technical audiences in both verbal and written format.
  • Strong mastery of Excel
  • Advanced SQL, R or Python skills are a big plus.
  • A degree in a numerate field (Business / Computer Science / Analytics / Math / etc)


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Persado generates strategically automated content for clients all around the world, so each word of a company’s marketing material speaks to the greater goal—meeting customer needs and targeting their emotions. The platform takes out copywriting guesswork and testing, so companies know just what to say and how to say it. The result? Profitable insights and content that truly does all the talking.

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