People's Prep

School Psychologist

2 weeks agoNewark, NJ

Since 2011, People’s Prep has successfully provided a high-performing, college-preparatory high school for Newark students and their families. Our mission is to prepare all of our students to graduate from the college of their choice as informed, involved, and resilient citizens. Our students demonstrate a marked improvement in standardized testing, school attendance, and a broad range of academic and non-academic measures. Our school is committed to facing every challenge along this path and to working alongside our students and families to meet them.

The School Psychologist at People’s Prep will wear multiple hats. She/he will work consistently and creatively to meet the needs of all students, participate in the Child Study Team to work with families for consistent student support, and partner with the Dean of Student Interventions to collaborate with teachers and staff to create and implement interventions for all students. The School Psychologist works independently and in teams to meet the needs of all students and staff and serves as a model for all People’s Prep students by bringing to life our core values of Grit, Empathy, Achievement, Curiosity, Humility, and Enthusiasm. The School Psychologist reports to the Dean of Student Interventions.


  • Teach and enforce the school-wide, clearly defined systems, structures, and rules (including before and after school and during transition times).
  • Serve on the Child Study Team as a case manager for a group of students with IEPs.
  • Coordinate student intervention procedures to support students behaviorally and academically.
  • Support teachers and staff with assigned interventions for particular students to ensure successful implementation.
  • Use data to make informed decisions around the best next steps or interventions for students needing additional support.
  • Communicate with students and their families regularly and proactively and present academic and social data on a regular basis.
  • Conduct meetings, counseling sessions, and conferences between and among students, parents, teachers, and staff.
  • Develop effective liaison relationships with parents, schools, and agencies.
  • Serve, if asked to do so by school leaders, as Council Coach to a group of students. 
  • Complete assessments and evaluations to identify scholars’ needs and make referrals as appropriate.
  • Consult with appropriate professional staff, external agencies, and other organizations as necessary based on scholars’ needs.
  • Serve as a member of school-based teams to support students and provide confidential guidance to faculty and staff.
  • Complete reports and paperwork for IEPs as required by federal, state, or local agencies, laws, and regulations.
  • Team with other 10- and 12-month employees to complete Home Visits for all incoming students.
  • Perform other tasks as may be assigned by the school leaders.

Qualifications and Certification

  • Master’s Degree in psychology or closely related field.
  • New Jersey school psychologist certification or certification eligibility.
  • Urban school-based psychologist work experience with evidence of measurable student growth.
  • Openness to feedback and willingness to take responsibility for student success.
  • Excellent verbal and written skills in communicating with diverse audiences.
  • A clear and unwavering commitment to People’s Prep’s mission and core values.

People’s Prep is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against any employee or applicant on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender expression, national origin, disability, age, marital status, military status, pregnancy, or parenthood.