Senior Logistics Analyst (Freight)


Peloton is seeking a motivated Senior Logistics Analyst within its Logistics and Operations team to drive scalability and operational improvements in how we manage the deployment of inventory. This role will focus exclusively on our Freight operations.  

The mission of the Logistics and Operations team is to ensure a successful delivery experience for customers while optimizing the costs of Peloton’s global supply chain.  

The Freight Manager role is critical to achieving the team’s mission, and affords many opportunities to contribute, learn and grow with Peloton.

The ideal candidate is creative, curious, analytical and possesses the ability to juggle multiple projects with varying levels of involvement.



  • Manage deployment of inventory to all locations to ensure continuity of fulfillment operations.  
  • Determine optimal quantities, safety stock, replenishment quantity, etc.
  • Optimize shipping methods and carrier mix to balance cost and SLAs
  • Manage our freight vendors and interface with warehouse operators to achieve key goals.  This includes includes identifying SLAs, monitoring volatility in cost benchmarks, planning for unique projects, and working through sticky situations
  • Identify opportunities for improvement in gaps and inefficiencies in our operations
  • Define KPIs to measure the end-to-end health of the relevant part of our operations
  • Model costs and operational tradeoffs for varying logistics scenarios


  • 2-5 years of professional experience
  • Executive level communication skills
  • Proficient in Excel, comfortable with large data sets.  SQL a plus, but not required.
  • Expert at setting up highly analytical models
  • Keen to go deep into problems when necessary, but elevate to 80/20 solving
  • Effortlessly transition between working autonomously and collaboratively
  • Desire to work in a fast-paced environment with a bias towards action




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