Cloud Operations Engineer

Meet Our Team:

We are a small team within Pegasystems, based in Alpharetta, Georgia, with opportunities for growth in both product and personal development. We support a production cloud workload for an analytics product, delivering Infrastructure-as-Code deployment automation and security analysis. We also provide developer operations support.

Picture Yourself at Pega:

As a member of our Cloud Operations organization you will be responsible for providing cloud engineering support to our local development team and assisting Production Operations with our global Amazon Cloud clients. You will be responsible for utilizing cloud related technical skills to support these teams and enhance existing support processes and tools with innovative solutions. This position is an opportunity to be involved with leading edge technology with a growing global client base and contribute to the success of our world class product offerings.

What You'll Do at Pega:

  • Support and provide feedback to Production Operations (ProdOps) team during any Production outages or issues
  • Provide diagnostic details to aide development
  • Enhance deployment processes, integrate new cloud services, and document deployment instructions for Production Operations
  • Write automation scripts to solve non-trivial problems
  • Analyze permissions requests and write access policy configurations to grant Least Access and prevent privilege escalation
  • Resolve internal service requests, setup early implementation in development environments, and build new release candidates
  • Provision new and upgrade existing AWS environments, executing product upgrades in the scheduled duration and ensure timely delivery
  • Work with the Engineering team to resolve issues in the execution of the above-mentioned activities
  • Validate deployment process changes and assist Quality Assurance (QA) in pre-release product enhancement test case planning and support regression testing
  • Look for opportunities to streamline and improve processes

Who You Are:

Coming from a professional work environment, you have a solid grasp of user administration concepts and enjoy working in a balanced, cross-functional environment. Demonstrating a can-do, hands-on approach, you have the ability to confront challenges without fear, deal frankly and fairly with issues, demand high standards of self and others, drive work to completion, and set a tone of achievement and excellence for the Cloud organization.

What You've Accomplished:
  • Minimum 5 years of AWS Cloud operations with Production support experience for geographically distributed systems
  • Bachelor's in Computer Science or equivalent.
  • Implemented AWS service integration with deep understanding, such as written granular policies restricted by resources and conditions in IAM with privilege escalation analysis; investigated security events in CloudTrail; designed CloudFormation templates for these resource types with deep understanding of their attribute values and automated AWS CLI configuration calls for non-CloudFormation controlled resources and attributes; written custom S3 bucket policies with resource granularity and leveraged conditions; published and monitored CloudWatch custom metrics; monitored and implemented database user authorization in RDS with password rotations or IAM Auth; designed Autoscaling Groups scaling profile and trigger metrics; designed network topology and security in VPC with well-defined Security Groups; implemented SAML identity provider integration for Cognito User Pool; managed versioning and deployment of Lambda functions.
  • Analyzed AWS service integration for security and operational uptime concerns
  • Managed and maintained Linux servers and application stacks, particularly on AWS EC2
  • Scripted system configuration and automated upgrade deployments using Infrastructure-as-Code (CloudFormation)
  • Scripted Linux operating system hardening, system package updates, bootstrapping for application dependencies, code deployment, and filesystem cleanup for authoring AMIs
  • Designed and written Jenkins jobs to query operation details and security configuration and format scheduled reports
  • Detailed hands-on knowledge of AWS services (IAM, CloudTrail, CloudFormation, S3 CloudWatch, RDS, Autoscaling Groups, VPC, Cognito User Pools, Lambda). AWS certification is highly desirable
  • Administrative experience in Linux operating systems in areas of user administration (ssh, ssh-agent, sudoers, users and file permissions), performance debugging, and security with advanced knowledge in hardening of Linux operating systems
  • Hands-on advanced experience writing Bash Shell scripts to solve non-trivial problems, integrating AWS CLI calls and embedded Ruby or Python scripts
  • Ability to multi-task and assist during Production outages
  • Able to describe implementation and explain design considerations in detail
  • Experience in credential management (rotation, handling) and consistent implementation of security policy
  • Technical knowledge in security engineering, system and network security, cryptography and authentication
  • Compliance regulations auditing and implementation experience
  • Experience in vulnerability auditing
  • Hands-on experience with instance and container resource sizing with application resource profiling
  • Experience writing Jenkins jobs to automate builds, reports, and scheduled tasks
  • Network design and troubleshooting skills including TCP/IP, ACL, and DNS
  • Knowledgeable on DB, App and Web tier troubleshooting skills, with deployment experience serving web container applications on Apache, Tomcat, PM2
  • Security minded, demonstrating consistent logic and reasoning (e.g. privilege escalation analysis)
  • Adept with risk judgement, seeks clarification when unsure, confident with approved patterns
  • Good written and verbal communication, and interpersonal skills (e.g. interacting with other teams to rotate credentials)
  • Proficient in documenting technical instructions in detail

Pega Offers You:
  • A rapidly growing yet well-established business
  • The world's most innovative organizations as reference-able clients
  • Analyst acclaimed technology leadership in a massive emerging market
  • A workplace that requires people to have an informed opinion
  • A culture where employees engage deeply, own outcomes and lead from the front
  • An ever-changing business landscape that adapts, scales and performs

Job ID: 8167

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