Tool Maker

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Tool Maker that can work with manual mills, lathes and grinders to produce production tooling and help with repairs of existing production machinery.


  • Read and interprets blue prints or works from verbal or written instructions or from the part to be copied or fitted.
  • Plans the setup and operation of all types of machine shop tools, considering types of material, tolerances, types of cutting tools, coolants, lubricants, and machine tool feeds and speeds.
  • Determines specifications for inspection of work, using precision measuring and gauging tools, performing required inspection before, during, and after machining.
  • Performs hand operations involved in producing jigs, fixtures, tools and dies. Uses hand tools of the trade
  • Fits and assembles jigs, fixtures, tools and dies. Sets up, runs off, and tests dies to produce a product to specifications, tracing die difficulties to their source and correcting same.
  • Able to work with tolerances of .00005" and produce die cutter tooling for punch press type parts and assembly tooling for manual and automatic assembly operations.

  • Requires a minimum of 5 years of experience.
  • Very high degree of precision and control in work where damage could be high
  • High degree to attention and care required to prevent injury to self and others when operating machine tools
  • Knowledge of CNC Milling Machine (Program & Operate) helpful.

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Job Requirements

Shift: 1st / 4 days 10 hours Monday â€Â" Thursday 6:20 AM to 4:50 PM.

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