Tool Design Engineer

  • 10 years plus experience with design of progressive metal stamping dies using Solidworks
  • Design and fabrication of progressive dies, and trouble shooting production problems
  • BSME degree a plus
  • Metal design experience with Solidworks on stainless and carbon steel, aluminum, nickel alloys, and non-ferrous metals
  • Will be designing from a sketch on a piece of paper or a solid model in any of the standard CAD formats used on the market.
  • Experience with responding to die design constraints such as tool cost, tool reliability, and tool maintenance.
  • We design and manufacture new tools but also perform reverse engineering and tool assessment using a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) connected to our die design stations for faster data transfer and valid input for die repair planning purposes.
  • Due to the fact that our fully equipped tool room is connected via Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) stations to die design stations, the tool fabrication process largely employs all tools and methods available for fast and reliable transfer of information to CNC machining centers and DNC wire EDM machines.

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