Sr. Controls Engineer

Senior Controls Engineer will provide top level controls solutions and strategies for motion control and laser based machines.

A Senior Controls Engineer / Systems Development Engineer who understands customer requirements and needs for industrial automated and semi-automated systems. The Senior Controls Engineer will be focused on helping the Systems Departments supply continuous incremental technological advancements to our customers as well as achieve good technical solutions on industrial machines.

  • Works with the Systems Proposals Department to explain new solutions and technologies to the Proposals Team, Project Managers, and Customers.
  • Works with the Systems Project Management Department to review action lists for improved technological solutions and specific project and sales order activities.
  • Responsible for ensuring Project Managers understand the deliverables at a level that the Project Managers will be able to confirm successful completion of actions for milestone updates.
  • Works with the Systems Engineering Services Department, Systems Sustaining Department,
  • Research & Development Department, and Advanced Technology Department to develop new solutions, sustain our products as components parts become obsolete, and educate engineers on the latest technologies and how to incorporate them into our Systems.
  • Considered a Senior Engineer who will not be supervising but will be responsible for providing lead direction and mentoring engineers.


Leadership and Teamwork
  • Work in a team environment with other engineering, production, quality and test, materials control, contract management, and sales departments.
  • Preparation of documents as needed based on interviews with customers and the mechanical, electrical, and software engineers
  • Develop project plans and schedules for development work.
  • Report on progress, demonstrations, and changes
  • Provide detailed documentation for engineering release
  • Ability to analyze complex data and present to management and engineers in understandable discussions
    • This requires a strong technical and social aptitude for written and verbal communication
  • Identify obstructions and issues early to Project Managers and Management.
  • Plan with System Engineering Manager and V.P. of Operations and Systems methods for long term Systems Group sales growth and cost reductions with improved quality.

  • Complete pre-sale conceptual design, schedule, and cost estimation of software, electrical, and mechanical for semi-automated and fully automated industrial processing workstations developed from communication with customers and Sales, Systems Engineering Services, and Systems Project Management resources.
  • Implement HMI and GUI integration for system operation, motion control, laser control, resistance welder control, machine vision (Cognex), data collection and analysis, file management, and networking capabilities.
  • Develop Structured, re-useable low-level and high-level motion control system code for Delta-Tau, Aerotech, Allen Bradley, and similar motion systems implementing controls and I/O functions.
    • This requires a strong background in motion control and S.T.E.M.
  • Implement manufacturing floor automation connectivity software including LAN, database, and other standard interfaces and protocols
  • Provide support for system acceptance testing conducted by Project Managers
  • Complete electrical engineering design and troubleshooting support as needed.
  • Supply mechanical design suggestions for robust operation to mechanical engineers for detailed design implementation.
  • Create Software Design Specifications (SDS) and Hardware Design Specifications (HDS) based on User Requirements Specifications (URS), purchase orders, quotations, sales orders, and any additional compliance documents.
  • Build, develop, and evaluate prototypes for automation and control systems based on detailed SDS and HDS.
  • Lead engineering discussions with Software Controls Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, and Electrical Controls Engineers to swift solutions for system sales order.
  • Develop laser optics path and vibration isolation designs with input from Applications and Advanced Technology Departments and customer application results.
  • Directly responsible for ensuring continuous Systems robotics, vision, motion control, and pick & place improvements.
    • Experienced in kaizen methods applied to engineering and controls is a plus.

  • Knowledgeable in software design tools and environments including: .NET, Visual C++, C#, current experience in C# is a plus. Fundamental background in Software Engineering.
  • Four year degree in computer science, engineering, physics, or related discipline required. Masters Electrical engineering, Automation or Control Engineering preferred.
  • 8 years+ experience in designing custom motion control, HMI, robotics, pick & place, and hardware for automated control systems.
  • 3 years+ experience in designing custom machine vision applications preferred.
  • Experience with lasers and optics helpful
  • Electrical engineering design experience; Solidworks Electrical is a plus.
  • Proven record of staying at the leading edge of technology to provide solutions that are leading edge and cost effective.
  • Excellent time management skills and follow-though with ability to accomplish day-to-day tasks while continuing to make progress, and bring to completion, longer term projects.
  • Preferred applicants will have experience in DLL generation for selected software-controllable systems components such as: data acquisition and controls, motion controllers, visions systems, lasers, data collection and report generators.
  • Strong background in S.T.E.M.
    • Advanced understanding of mathematics, statistics, and engineering required
  • All aspects of work must consider discretion and confidentiality of data and proprietary technology of customers, AMYA, and other third parties.
  • Ability to travel occasionally

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