Shop Foreman / Supervisor

Looking for a candidate experienced in shop supervision, preferably small groups.

Hands-on, practical, sociable, principled.

Needs to be able and willing to deal with situations that have little information and require solutions developed with an Assembly team.

Should have sufficient experience in product assembly / troubleshooting of functional components (mechanical & electrical basics), craftsman level preferred.

Focus on decision making.

Primary Functions:

  • The Shop Foreman / Supervisor will oversee overall manufacturing / repair / stockroom operations, to ensure employee safety, product quality, order requirements, manpower allocation, schedules and operational.
  • This position is responsible for the shop personnel and its performance, and will maintain professional work relationship with all departments.
  • Is also responsible to ensure compliance of ISO 9001 related to all shop activity and transactions.
  • Supports implementation of corrective action plans and determination of opportunities to decrease overall inventory.
  • Develops and realizes technical solutions to product quality and/or qualification issues.
  • Leverages resources and motivates personnel to create and maintain a proactive performance culture.
  • Additional tasks may be assigned as determined by the GM.

Essential Functions:
  • Manages manufacturing schedules of all train product lines.
  • Organizes manufacturing orders in line with current and future requirements.
  • Maintains visibility of all products to ensure on-time delivery, product quality, customer requirements, and cost targets.
  • Supervises all direct reports to ensure completion of order and timeline requirements, while providing fair & professional leadership in attaining organization goals.
  • Monitors & ensures compliance with ISO9001 and company policies for shop related processes, including improvement initiatives and proper transactioning.
  • Coordinates with Facility and Maintenance to establish overall maintenance schedules on all machinery and calibration for all shop tooling to minimize machine downtime.
  • Employs material control activities to ensure inventory accuracy is maintained.
  • Maximizes manpower utilization and definition of work schedules accordingly.
  • Provides leadership and mentoring to individuals on products, technical issues, testing / trouble shooting, quality, productivity, and personal development.
  • Assesses performance indicators, and takes appropriate actions to ensure goals are met.
  • Assures that Environment, Health, and Safety issues are addressed considering local regulations, company policies, and good corporate citizenship.
  • Evaluates operational performance of the group in order to facilitate performance management, merit promotions, job transfers, dismissals, commendations, etc.
  • Specifies job assignments for direct reports, and monitors performance to achieve product delivery and cost requirements.

Specialized Knowledge:
  • Knowledge of materials planning systems (MRP/ERP) requirements and order generation process logic.
  • Advanced understanding of operational concepts surrounding production planning, purchasing, quality and inventory control.
  • Extensive knowledge & experience in manufacturing processes, product assembly, testing, trouble-shooting, including all activity oriented toward completion of finished and compliant product.
  • Ability to organize and prioritize multiple tasks and take initiative with hands-on mentality.
  • Ability to direct and lead cross-functional teams with high multitasking requirement.
  • Strong administrative and organizational skills.
  • Effective interpersonal and team building skills.
  • Ability to plan and to set priorities, and professionally manage relationships with in-house personnel.
  • Is a team player and is able to encourage team values to personnel in fair and equal fashion.
  • Advanced skills utilizing office computer software such as MS Word, Excel.

  • Minimum of five plus years' experience within a manufacturing environment required.
  • Direct production assembly / testing / qualification of minimum of five years is required.
  • Employee management basic experience is a plus.

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