Security Technician

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Safety/Security Technician - Menlo Park, CA.

Primary Job Responsibilities:

The Building Access and Security technician installs, maintains, repairs and adjusts all types od doors, hardware, locks and their components for buildings, rooms, and furniture; cuts and issues keys; implements, troubleshoots repairs and maintains computerized access  control systems; and maintains security systems; maintains and repairs automatic door openers, door closing units and control gates; services and maintains door entry systems; inspects completed work for conformance with R&DE Housing specification requirements and compliance with applicable building safety codes and regulations; inspects related work performed by contractors; eliminates time and materials for locksmith and building access participates in the maintenance and operations of a locksmith, Building Access & Security Shop.

Primary Responsibilities;

50> Electronic Access Work

20> Locksmith Work

25> Security door work

5> Preventative Maintenance Inspections


  • Installs, troubleshoot, repair, maintain doors, frames, commercial lock/security hardware including locks, keying systems, door hardware automatic electric door operators, electronic access system, related building access and security systems and hardware.
  • Complete all work in accordance with applicable codes and industry workmanship standards
  • Produce and/or modify doors for locks
  • Cut new keys; replace broken or lost keying data
  • Perform inspections and preventative maintenance on doors, door hardware, card access devices and Tele-entry Door King System
  • Cleans, maintains, adjusts, calibrates and services equipment used in the performance of duties.


Minimum Qualifications:
  • Journey Level Knowledge and work experience in the Building Access & Security trade
  • Minimum of Two Years - Journey -level work experience wiring, installing, troubleshooting, and repairing various electrified and non-electrified exit devices, ADA automatic door closure etc.
  • Processes comprehensive door hardware(Electrified and mechanical) technical knowledge such as door control, closures, hardware applications
  • Demonstrate strong knowledge and skill in window and door hardware installation, operation and repair.
  • Knowledge and ability to specify and work with various materials used in trades
  • Ability to work independently and with little supervision
  • Ability to follow oral and written directions
  • Ability to read drawings, blueprints
  • Operates power tools utilizing safe work practices
  • Must be capable of learning and applying safe work practices, including but not limited to hazardous waste management
  • Ability to perform various maintenance and moving tasks including but not limited to work from step ladders
  • Knowledge of building codes in his/trade including requirements for door operation, egress requirements, door/assessment
  • Possess a valid California Driver's license
  • Respond to emergency calls at night, weekends, and holidays as needed
  • Must be able to handle hazardous materials safely and adhere to all environmental Health and Safety regulations implemented.

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