Project Management, Mechanical Designer

The Project Engineering, Mechanical Designer will:

  • Perform detailing and analysis either independently or under the supervision of a licensed professional.
  • Assists design manager in cross-discipline management and interdisciplinary coordination.
  • Performs discipline design duties as assigned.

Mechanical Design Responsibilities:

Application of Knowledge of Building Systems (Conceptual Design):
  • Mechanical Designer works with Mechanical Engineer to ensure understanding and compliance with owner' s building program requirements and facility or incorporate standards related to mechanical and plumbing systems design.
  • Learns to confirm and review applicable codes and standards.
  • Given the scope of design services, the owner' s building program and facility standards, building code research and relevant industry standards, works with the Mechanical Engineer to establish and document the mechanical and plumbing systems basis of design and in doing so provide clarification, qualifications and design assumptions regarding relevant design issues.
  • Assist Mechanical Engineer and works with building/facility owner to ensure that the appropriate cost effective systems/products are utilized in their facility.
  • Assist Mechanical Engineer and works with building owner and construction management team to validate construction cost and provide value engineering options as may be necessary.

Senior Level Additional Responsibilities
  • Knows when to obtain support from the Mechanical Engineer for assistance to determine engineering and design building requirements.
  • Participates in the development of group and corporate standards committees.
  • Makes presentations to internal and external customers.
  • Develops training programs and makes presentations to staff.
  • Keeps appraised of new technologies and assists in the incorporation of the new technologies into the A/E practice.
  • Confirms and reviews applicable codes and standards.

  • Knows BIM and AutoCAD design software, and can incorporate designs into project documents/models.
  • Knows how to establish the building envelop thermal insulation values for the purpose of energy code compliance and cooling/heating load calculations and runs energy compliance software.
  • Knows how to run cooling/heating load calculations.
  • Knows how to select and schedule mechanical equipment.
  • Knows how to design, layout and size, air distribution systems and related equipment.
  • Knows how to design, layout and size, chilled and condenser water systems and related equipment.
  • Knows how to design, layout and size, steam and associated condensate systems and related equipment.
  • Knows how to create a complete and accurate set of constructions documents including cover sheet, floor plans, details and sections, equipment schedules and control drawing drawings.

Senior Level Additional Responsibilities
  • Subject to Licensed Professional' s final approval, checks shop drawings and submittal data for conformance with contract documents.
  • Adheres to established company standards and policies.
  • Prepares clear well-written memos/correspondence.
  • Assists the Licensed Professional with production of specifications.
  • Coordinates work with other disciplines as to dimensions and interference to minimize deficiencies, errors and omissions.

Construction Support:
  • Assists with field inspections with the Mechanical Engineer.
  • Advises and assists construction personnel in the interpretation and clarification of construction documents as directed by the Licensed Professional, providing timely solutions to field issues, preparing field orders, addenda, and record drawings subject to the approval by the Licensed Professional.

Planning, Scheduling and Profitability:
  • Assists in compiling a complete design package issue (pricing documents, SD, DD, and CD).
  • Works with project' s Mechanical Engineer and/or Senior Mechanical Engineer to insure that the project schedule will be met and complete documents are provided for each submission.
  • Designs project within provided design budget.

Senior Level Additional Responsibilities
  • Compiles a complete design package issue (pricing documents, SD, DD, and CD).

Professional Development:
  • Proactively attempts to receive in-house/out-of-house training to create design skills.

  • Works as part of the larger team, and not as an independent island.
  • Is flexible and willing to quickly move between projects as needed to assist in meeting project schedules.

  • High School degree or equivalent.
  • Associates or Bachelor' s degree (preferred but not required).
  • Project experience on a variety of projects from simple to complex and small to large.

Project Manager / Project Coordinator Responsibilities

Conceptual Design:
  • Utilizes innovation in design and methods.
  • Coordinates production of pricing and proposal documents and outline specifications.
  • Assists design manager to confirm design compliance with proposal/client criteria.
  • Assists design manager in development of basis of design document.
  • Construction Documents.
  • Coordinates production of a complete set of architecture and engineering documents.

Senior Level Additional Responsibilities
  • Senior Project Coordinator manages coordination and production process.

Construction Support:
  • Reviews applicable shop drawings and submittal data for compliance with construction documents.
  • Advises and assists Construction Project Managers, Superintendents and Subcontractors in the interpretation and clarification of construction documents.
  • Participates in construction inspection to monitor compliance with design intent, construction drawings and specifications.
  • Prepares inspection reports and punch lists.
  • Provides solutions to field problems, responds to RFI' s and prepares field orders and addenda at the direction of architect/engineer of record.
  • Coordinates production and archiving of record drawings and specifications.

Senior Level Additional Responsibilities
  • Assists design manager with project close-out.
  • Participates in post construction review process.

  • Monitors and informs design manager of workload status of project staff, including discipline staff as assigned.
  • Participates in project strategy meetings.
  • Participates in creation of overall key date schedule, including permitting schedule.
  • Creates work plan for assigned projects.

Project Management:
  • Coordinates work efforts of staff assigned to the project.
  • Monitors adherence to strategy, key date schedule and work plan.
  • Assists in coordinating information with and monitoring outside consultants.
  • Monitors workload status; advises design manager.
  • Prepares Meeting minutes and other communications in coordination with design manager.
  • Mentoring of assigned staff.

Senior Level Additional Responsibilities
  • Project Coordinator assists Design Manager in project management process.
  • Senior Project Coordinator leads the effort with Design Manager approval.

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