Press Brake Operator


Responsible for set up, tooling and form custom enclosures, fabricated items and all metal-related designs, while under the general supervision of the Fabrication Shop Supervisor and department leads.


  • Read and understand BOM' s, drawings.
  • Use small hand tools, measuring tools and drill motors.
  • Responsible for reviewing work tickets and drawings.
  • Good math skills will help press brake operators understand complex instructions, how schematics work and make sure items are designed and built correctly.

Required Knowledge and Abilities:
  • Problem Solving Skills - Press brake operators will need to know why machines are not at peak performance, how to increase output and how to fix errors.
  • Attention to Detail - Press brakes are precision equipment.
  • Being off by millimeters could be a critical error.
  • Keen attention to detail is required.
  • Mechanical and Technical Skills - Machines controlled by computers will need operators who understand CAD/CAM technology.
  • Be able to perform maintenance, set up and run brakes.
  • Abide by all rules and regulations as set forth in your employee handbook.
  • Perform other duties/tasks as assigned.

  • Good oral communication skills.
  • Be able to multi task.
  • Self-motivated.
  • Detail-oriented.

Education and/or Experience:
  • High School Diploma or equivalent preferred.

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