Junior Job Captain

The Job Captain position is responsible for representing the firm with clients and consultants on a knowledgeable level and be able to make basic decisions on behalf of the firm.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Direct team members (employees and consultants) at all levels of contract administration.
  • Run a minimum of 1-2 projects at various stages of work.
  • Using knowledge of construction procedures, make site visits and draft reports following visits.
  • Check a set of drawing and provide feedback to personnel.
  • Detail most building types.
  • Prepares scale drawings and contract documents for building contractors.
  • Represents client in obtaining bids and awarding construction contracts.
  • Prepare studies and reports.
  • Prepares project designs and plans using computer assisted design (CAD) software and equipment.
  • Directs activities of workers engaged in preparing drawings and specification documents.

Required Experience:
  • Must have minimum 1 year of experience with residential architecture including Single Family, Multi Family and/or Senior Living.

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