Electrical Instructor (PLC)

Private career school seeks a professional Electrician to teach industrial / commercial electricity, raceway systems, and PLC' s.

Qualified candidate must hold a Baccalaureate Degree with appropriate coursework (15 credits) in the subject areas taught or (8) years related practical work experience and college level course work (15 credits) in the subject areas taught.

Must have 3 years PLC experience.

Working knowledge of NEC required.

Will provide training in classroom instruction.

Salary + benefits, free parking. Email resume.

The duties of this job require a high degree of specialized expertise and skill in maintaining established standards of quality and accuracy. Drive, determination and a self-disciplined approach to achieving results that meet these established criteria are necessary for successful job performance.

The job environment is structured and job expectations are clear. While the pace of the work is faster than average, quality is never compromised. The focus of communication and organizational relationships is based on technical expertise.

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