CNC Lathe Operator


To maintain and operate Multi Axis CNC LATHE Machines daily. Set up the CNC LATHE machines to run the different operations/jobs and ensure that a quality product is produced in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.


  • Read and interpret blueprints to comprehend work orders.
  • Plan machining activities keeping in mind the work orders and engineering plans.
  • Refer to specifications, orthographic drawings and reference planes to understand the project effectively.
  • Work with geometric dimensions and tolerances to plan machining activities.
  • Enter instructions and upload programs via Predator software. Set tooling/tail stocks/steady rest for CNC Lathes including indicating reference points and runout to ensure smooth running of the machined operation.
  • Must be able to setup and operate machine from work instructions
  • Safely load and unload castings and raw materials into the machinery. Using overhead cranes as required.
  • Meet tolerance environments of the machine by setting gauges and measuring instruments appropriately
  • Perform preventative and regular maintenance on machines, equipment and tools used in all processes.
  • Follow the machining process from the very beginning to the end to ensure quality of parts.
  • Isolate any piece that may not conform to the standards of the work order and report to Quality department for further evaluation.
  • Troubleshoot machining problems during processes to ensure efficacy of procedure.
  • Ensure Operator Preventative maintenance is performed prior to machine use daily. Way Lube, Hydraulic Fluid and Coolant as required.
  • Create appropriate labor and time reports by following instructions provided by superiors.
  • Provide tooling and fixturing improvement solutions as needed during each machining procedure.
  • Complete all reports and other paperwork associated with machining projects in process. 1st Article/SPC/Work Order Buy off.

  • Mechanically inclined
  • Should have knowledge of support machines, inspection equipment and computer experience.
  • Able to make good decisions and work independently when needed.

  • High school diploma or GED equivalent.

  • Experience with gages, mics and other measuring instruments.
  • 5+ year of manufacturing experience in aerospace or equivalent education and experience
  • Able to read blueprints and follow verbal and written instructions.

  • Machining certificate (preferred)

Job Requirements

2n Shift (2:00 - 10:30) with regular OT, including weekends

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