Position Summary:

This position is primarily responsible for all the new growth programs which are on an aggressive ramp plan for the next few years. Increasing throughput and reducing cost will be of paramount importance. This position will report directly to the Operations Manager and will be based at the company' s facility in San Fernando Valley.


The Assembly Supervisor will be responsible for the efficient performance of the assembly units, carries out the orders of the Operations Manager within the policies and procedures established; maintains quality, production and other standards. Supervises all personnel involved in carrying out this function.

  • Assembly Operations: Responsible for all assembly/welding operations. Instill the culture of visual material flow and standard work. Maintain the required safety stock buffers to ensure 100% OTD.
  • Continuous Improvement: Drive continuous improvement activities through the Manufacturing Engineering team to improve Quality and reduce cost.
  • Supervision: Lead a team of approximately 100 individuals (7 Direct reports) and drive a high-performance culture.
  • Manufacturing Engineering: Problem solving, fixture and die design, drivers of cost and process improvements.
  • Planning/Scheduling: Responsible for router accuracy and utilizing a pull system to driven by production demand.


The Assembly Supervisor will be responsible for leading and improving the flow line production through the application of lean principles and standard work development. He / She will lead the organizational growth while reducing costs and inventory to ensure continued strong financial performance.


To achieve the mission for this position, the Assembly Supervisor will produce the following critical actions and results:
  • Directs all work in their assigned departments in accordance with specifications established by the engineering division.
  • Utilizes the machines, materials, services, reports and recommendations provided by the various staff functions to control both detailed operations and overall performance in the department. Examples:
    • Using the production schedules and daily status report furnished by the Production Control function to control the production and prevent delinquencies.
    • Approving and applying promptly all time standards by the Manufacturing Engineering function and seeing to it that they are properly administered and used. Keeping abreast of all method changes in the department, regardless of where initiated, and being fully responsible for reporting all such changes promptly to the Manufacturing Engineering function.
    • Using the variance reports form Data Processing as a guide to take necessary corrective action to keep costs in line with the budget.
  • Makes every effort to overcome obstacles, such as material shortages or machine and tooling breakdowns, which may interfere with meeting schedules or maintaining quality; uses their best judgment in these cases, going to the Superintendent only when he cannot get help, action or results unaided. Can enlist the aid of Tooling and Engineering, Production Control, Manufacturing Engineering and other departments.
  • Trains and assists their workers to:
    • Maintain product quality in accordance with specifications.
    • Keep scrap at the lowest practicable level.
    • Maintain high productivity, without lowering quality standards.
    • Maintain a smooth flow of work within the department and into the departments to which the department supplies parts.
    • Control costs to meet the budget.
    • Work safely.
    • Maintain good housekeeping throughout the department.
  • Carries out special projects in the department. Such projects may result from employee suggestions; better method proposals by foreman and superintendents; suggestions from the Manager - Manufacturing Engineering and others.
  • Consults with Human Resources regarding Grievances.
  • Assume full responsibility for the quality of parts leaving the department and for the accuracy of all production counts. May delegate, but is still fully responsible.
  • Maintain such records as may be prescribed by their superintendent and others.
  • Keeps the Superintendent informed verbally and makes reports only upon special request by authorized individuals.
  • Provides supervisory direction to all assigned personnel; selects personnel; prepares performance review; administers discipline; makes recommendations regarding compensation, promotion, demotion and termination of employees.
  • To conduct regular department inspections to ensure cleanliness and safety. To arrange for proper maintenance, operation, and orderliness of working area, machinery, equipment, facilities, and material in process within the area of their jurisdiction.
  • Performing personnel functions such as recommending the selection, hiring, change in status, or termination of assigned hourly employees. Observing qualifications of employees for selection as Foreman. Assisting in administering the provisions of the labor agreement and/or corporate policies and procedures.
  • Performs other duties as required.


The success of the Assembly Supervisor in achieving the objectives described above will be measured by the following:
  • Manufacturing vision that supports company growth goals and addresses operational improvements for the future is developed, implemented into the organization, and has gained buy-in from the work force.
  • Achievement of the established cost targets.
  • On time delivery is at 100% and customers are satisfied with performance.
  • Inventory levels are reduced and by use of an effective pull system.
  • Safety processes are properly implemented within the group.
  • The organization is developed to its full potential and talent is improved, with capacity and capability to accomplish the company' s strategic goals.


The ideal candidate will have the following education, work history, knowledge and skills.

Education: High School Diploma or GED. Bachelor' s degree is highly desirable.

Skills & Experience:
  • 5+ years of experience managing large manufacturing shops with proven leadership and a proven track record of driving change and implementing lean principles.
  • Experience with managing 25+ employees
  • Aerospace production experience is preferred.
  • Experience with a high-volume manufacturing environment is preferred.
  • Mix of experience managing and transforming culture in large assembly operations.
  • Career progression with progressively more responsible roles within production operations.
  • Lean / Continuous Improvement trained.
  • Experience with and oriented toward metrics in business analysis.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and ability to work within a team.
  • Excellent written and verbal skills are mandatory.

Personality and Character:

The ideal candidate will have most of the following traits:
  • Highly motivated self-starter
  • Open and honest communicator
  • Desire to achieve through engaging an entire team
  • Respectful
  • Leads by example
  • Team player
  • Accountable and willing to hold others accountable in an objective, straight-forward manner
  • Willing to confront and resolve conflicts
  • Logical, organized and detail oriented with the ability to see big picture
  • Mentor style that promotes success of the team

All candidates must meet ITAR compliance standards.

Job Requirements

Assembly Supervisor - 80-95k @ 10% For this position, we are looking for someone with 5+ years of Manufacturing Leadership experience, Degreed, and looking for upward mobility (Job description is the same as production support except this position will only supervisor assembly departments; no support departments).

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